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Ford Rouge Factory Tour
20900 Oakwood Blvd, Dearborn, MI 48124

The Ford Rouge factory is sometimes referred to as an industrial wonder of the world.  It wasn't Henry Ford'sMore first factory but it was the first factory in the world that attempted to be entirely self sufficient, "from ore to auto."  This tour showcases the history and legacy of Henry Ford's industrial vision while taking a closer look at what's happening with the Ford Motor Company today.

Tour-goers cannot drive directly to the Ford Rouge, instead they are to meet at the IMAX in the Henry Ford complex (ten minutes from the factory) where buses depart every 20 minutes.  The tour is not led by one guide, but it is highly structured and interactive with several guides along the way.  Features include two short films, a walking tour of a small part of the Dearborn truck assembly plant (where photography is prohibited), an observation room where you can view the world's largest green roof, and between (April and October) an outdoor tour of the Rouge's sutainable design efforts.  It's recommended to allot at least two hours for the tour, including the bus ride to the factory and back.  

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