Dearborn Teen Dedicates Time, Effort to Fixing Up Local Park

Husain Bazzi raised the money and did the work to turn his neighborhood's deteriorating basketball courts into a great space for local kids to play.

While the hot summer days of late June meant hours of video games or watching TV for many youth, Dearborn teen Husain Bazzi spent his time enlisting the generosity of the community and the help of his friends to make Dearborn’s a better place for kids to play.

"I used to play at Hemlock's courts, and I realized that the condition was deteriorating," explained Bazzi.

Looking to earn his Eagle Scout badge through the Boy Scouts of America, the 17-year-old senior decided that he would make fixing up the courts his community service project. But it involved much more than just fundraising.

In addition to to resurface and repaint the court, plus add new nets to the baskets, Bazzi and his friends did all the work themselves. They also cleared everything with the city of Dearborn, which entailed learning about the legal processes involved with such a project.

Bazzi said the city was “very helpful.”

"I can't thank them enough," he added.

The city was impressed with Bazzi, too.

“He pretty much did it all – from gathering supplies, purchasing the tar, purchasing stencils to paint the court,” said Michael Timiney, a supervisor with the Recreation and Parks Department who helped coordinate the project. “He had friends help him and they got the work done, and they stayed there afterward and monitored the courts to make sure kids weren’t getting on them.”

Timiney, who has worked with the City of Dearborn since the late ‘90s, said Bazzi’s was the first such project he has ever seen undertaken by a local youth.

“This is the first time a teen has stepped forward to make a difference to his park,” he said. “I was a little skeptical, but he was persistent and after everything I asked him to obtain, he did it.”

The city helped out by making sure Bazzi and his friends had access to water during the project, facilitating the project, and coordinating assistance to make sure that the courts were monitored as much as possible while the tar was still drying.

Timiney gives Bazzi credit for seeing the project through.

“He’s determined, that’s for sure,” Timiney said.

Bazzi said it was rewarding enough to know that local kids would have a safer, nicer court to play on.

“Kids stopped by and wanted to help out,” he said while midway through the project. “I’m glad it’s going to be benefitting them and that they’ll appreciate it.

“A lot of these kids–this is all they have.”

Michael D. Albano July 09, 2012 at 02:19 PM
What a fine. young man and role model...
Husain Bazzi July 09, 2012 at 02:57 PM
Thank you to everyone who supported this project, including ALL donors, Jessica, City of Dearborn, and of course the volunteers: Mohammed Idriss, Oday Dabaja, Mohamad Ghandour, Wael Sailan, Abraham Beydoun, Rami Faraj, Ismeil Hachem, Abbas Alawieh, Hassen Berry, Hassan Hamid, Jihad Fahs, and anyone who I may have forgotten!
Kathy Smuk July 09, 2012 at 03:33 PM
Why did a citizen have to do this? Where are our tax $ going?
marooned in Dbn July 09, 2012 at 06:18 PM
bitsy08 March 15, 2013 at 02:09 PM
Not to diminish what Hussain Bazzi did, I have to agree with those who are asking about their tax dollars. I have another question. What about the tax dollars that were confiscated from the zoo? They're taking more money and yet someone from the outside had to come in and do fundraising to collect money and do the job the city should? Huh?


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