Reservations Book Quickly for Camp Dearborn's New Cabins

A grand opening ceremony for the facility's newest addition will be held June 16.

Camp Dearborn has come a long way from the days of Tent Village.

Originally opened in 1948, the city-owned recreation facility in Milford is turning a new corner in camping. Reservations opened June 4 for eight resort-style cabins, which feature a full bathroom, electricity, beds for six, and an outdoor cooking area with a microwave, refridgerator and electric cooktop.

The cabins–which –are booking up fast, according to department Director Greg Orner.

"Thirty percent of the available inventory was booked on the first day," said Orner.

At this time, camp is only booking the cabins for week-long stays, which run $660 for seven nights. If the cabins are not booked, they will open up for daily rental at a rate of $110 per night.

Rates include access to all camp activities and facilities–a fact camp manager Lee Morris touted.

"It's very inclusive," he said. "It's almost like Cancun."

Perhaps a little more rustic, but still with a great location: The cabins sit in a single row along one of the camp's lakes, giving renters a panoramic view.

Morris explained that the upscale cabins were added to meet the demands of a diverse base of customers. While some prefer roughing it, others want to enjoy Camp Dearborn with the amenities of home.

"People's needs change over the years, and we need to change with them," he said. "But camping has increased in its popularity overall."

A ribbon-cutting ceremony for the cabins will be held Saturday, June 16, at 11 a.m. The public is welcome to attend, and get a first-hand look at the cabins.

Though the resort cabins will stand out as the most significant change to Camp Dearborn this year, other improvements have occurred, including the addition of free wireless internet at the Canteen. Another change is the removal of the sea wall at Lake 5 in Tent Village, which Morris explained will provide more natural use of the area for swimmers and fishermen.

The changes are part of an overall effort to .

Mayor Jack O'Reilly has said numerous times that while he has looked into selling camp, the city would lose money if it did because the City of Milford will not allow the camp to be rezoned into a more marketable piece of property.

“If we can’t sell it,” O’Reilly said, “it should become a revenue generator for the city.”

As such, the city has pumped money into renovating the camp. It seems to be paying off thus far, as the camp's budget has been in the black since 2006.

Those efforts continued this spring when Dearborn City Council .

It is expected that the contractor will give detailed recommendations for upgrades, changes or rearrangements of the facility in order to make it more appealing to visitors.

Camp Season in Full Swing

Campsites at Camp Dearborn are available May 1-Oct. 31, with the full activity season operating from mid-June through Labor Day each year. The camp offers 191 temporary RV sites, 118 tents, 30 rustic cabins and now the eight resort cabins.

Temporary sites are either full hook-up or electric only and can be reserved by calling either of the camp offices: Dearborn Recreation Department at 313-943-2350 or Milford Camp Office at 248-684-6000.   

The camp's facilities–including picnic areas, beach and swimming lake–are also is open to the public daily 7 a.m. until 10 p.m.

Admission at the gate is $4 per car for residents of Dearborn or Milford, $6 per car for all others and $10 per car for all on special event dates.

Season passes are available for frequent visitors at the rate of $25 for residents of Dearborn or Milford and $35 for the general public.

More information about Camp Dearborn and scheduled events can be found at www.campdearborn.com, the Camp Dearborn Official Page on Facebook, or by calling either of the Camp offices.

Donna Hay June 12, 2012 at 04:14 PM
Maybe they are afraid that non-residents wouldn't come out as often as they do. Wonder just what the ratio is - residents vs non-residents in a year.
Silvio Davis June 12, 2012 at 07:18 PM
Almost $500,000 when said and done. NOT including keeping them operating with water, electric etc.. The upkeep and cost each year is will be added onto that, another waste of Dearborn's money spent in Milford! What happens when there is a plumbing issue, or an electrical issue, guess who have to pay those bills??? This is common sense, If I own a House (which I call my home) and a Cabin( which is my get away, mini vacation spot), which would I invest/repair first.....? It amazes me each time Dearborn makes these silly investments that cost tax payers large amounts of money that WE DO NOT HAVE!
Dearborn Taxpayer June 13, 2012 at 11:31 AM
I'm wondering what the Pool Tax supporters think about the city spending nearly $500K on these cabins at Camp Dearborn when that money could have been spent to maintain the local pools in Dearborn and we wouldn't need another "dedicated" millage? Seems to me that the recreation budget needs to be re-prioritized...
Martha August 11, 2012 at 03:09 AM
I like meeting people from all over when I camp. These are a nice addition.
Dina Wolf February 05, 2013 at 09:13 PM
$110 per night? Let's see, at that same rate of a close by hotel, that rate (or possibly less) would get me free Coffee, free breakfast *for everyone in the room mind you*, housekeeping, free parking, wifi, air conditioning, shower, Does the City of Dearborn want to truly rent out these roofified cabana's or not? The cost needs to be re-addressed. As a closing comment, the cost of building those expensive "sheds" certainly sound like someone in the City Council needs to explain why and where the cost went? The City owns the property, so thats not part of the expense (one cannot re- list the expense of property that they already own). That wood sure looks MIGHTY expensive. TOO expensive, really, why did these cost so much? Ridic!


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