How to Overcome Storage Space Limitations in Small Kitchens

The most common challenge we hear is how to overcome storage space limitations in small kitchens.

Many people prefer small kitchens because everything is nearby when  one is preparing meals. The most common challenge we hear is how to  overcome storage space limitations in small kitchens. If you face this challenge, you should know two things before you begin a kitchen remodel.

The first thing you need to know is that once again, the current  trend is to use wall cabinets that extend to the ceiling. The preference  for cabinetry that reaches to the ceiling or cabinets that are mounted  to leave space above the cabinets changes periodically. We have been in a  period when wall cabinets did not reach the ceiling. The thinking was  that because people typically could not reach the top shelves of  cabinets, they were a waste of space. Some ignored the space above the  cabinets and others used the space for decorative items.

The current trend is to use wall cabinets that extend to the ceiling. In a small kitchen, where storage space is precious, the extra space is  important – in many small kitchens, it provides an additional eight to  12 linear feet of space (or more). These top shelves are an ideal place  to store seasonal or seldom used items.

The second, and perhaps most important, strategy for overcoming  storage space limitations in small kitchens is organization.  Organization and organizational devices are critical to maximizing the  available storage space in any kitchen. The first principle of kitchen  organization is to use every inch of space wisely. Remember that  cabinetry can be customized to provide the precise space you need. For  example, instead of using a shelf in a standard cabinet for spices,  consider installing a spice cabinet that is mere inches wide, but built  to make your spices accessible when it is pulled out. The same design  can be used to provide accessible maximized space for canned goods. The  same approach can be made to a unit beside a wall-mounted oven or beside  a pantry cabinet that is fitted with the appropriate racks to store pots, pans, and  lids. This reduces wasted space in base cabinets and makes everything  more accessible.

We install in cabinets a surprising range of dividers, lazy Susans,  racks and other devices to maximize every inch of space. We also do this  in many large kitchens. Many homeowners are surprised to discover that  we can find or create an organizational device to meet most storage needs in small kitchens. Many homeowners are more  surprised to discover how organization can make minimal cabinet storage  space ample.

If you are facing the challenge of how to overcome storage space  limitations in small kitchens, give us a call before you start  remodeling. We can show you how to maximize your storage space and  install these customizations at a surprisingly low price.

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