Technology Advances Continue at Dearborn Sacred Heart

The Catholic school recently purchased 30 iPads for student use.

If there's one word to describe the best way to make advances in the way children are learning in schools, that word would be technology.

Just as computers in schools have changed the educational landscape for decades, iPads and Promethean Boards are the way of the future for students—possibly even heading in the direction of doing away with textbooks entirely.

At Sacred Heart Catholic School in Dearborn, a 2012 grant from the Archdiocese of Detroit continues to make technological advances in classrooms possible for the K-8 school.

Last year, the school used part of that $60,000 grand to purchase Promethean Boards, which are interactive whiteboards used in classrooms. And to better work with the boards, the school in January also purchased 30 iPads for student use.

Teachers can check out the iPads just as they would books and allow students to use them in the classrooms.

According to Principal Melissa Lambrect, the goal is to eventually have an iPad for every student at Sacred Heart. The school will also be exploring using e-textbooks.

Parents see it as a natural progression in learning.

"Today's children are constantly on computer games," said parent Robert Shinske. "It only makes sense to use this technology at school."

Additionally, Sacred Heart is in the process of implementing a TV studio, which will be run by Sacred Heart students and broadcast announcements, prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance, as well as special broadcasts.

The station is being funded by the High School Alumni Association and current Sacred Heart family Khalil and Andrea Alami.

Lambrect applauded the advances.

"The student response has been overwhelming," she said, "and learning has never been so much fun."


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