Dearborn High Students Start Twitter Campaign to Protest Homecoming Dance Rules

Students were upset over regulations on their dancing, as well as random breathalyzer tests at the dance last Friday.

A longtime policy of asking students to take brealthlyzer tests and imposing rules for behavior at school dances and events elicited a strong response Dearborn High School students, some of whom instituted a Twitter protest earlier this week.

The Twitter hashtag, according to the students, protested the rules at the dance. A Dearborn parent tells Patch that according to her son, that included random breathalyzer tests, lights left on during the dance, and a "no grinding" rule.

After the dance, the students took to Twitter to voice their opposition.

On Monday, the hashtag #OperationLetsDoThis began trending on Twitter—facilitated by Dearborn High students. The idea was to organize an in-person protest against school administration.

What follows is an example of some of the messages that were critical of the district:

  • Daoud_Unis2 United We Stand #DHS #operationletsdothis
  • BlakeRichards28 The administration is taking everything too far and ruining senior year. #operationletsdothis

It's unclear as of Monday night exactly what happened at DHS, but photos from the scene show what appears to be an impromptu gathering in the hallways of the school, in addition to the Twitter activity, throughout the school day.

After the fact, students said they expected some flack from administrators—while others were divided on whether the protest was a success, or a waste of time:

  • GinaSoave If there isn't any type of riot assembly tomorrow.. I'll be pretty let down. #OperationLetsDoThis
  • ernie6E waiting to see what happens at school tomorrow #OperationLetsDoThis
  • HollyNevine I'm all down for #OperationLetsDoThis but I don't think we should bully our assistant principal. I think it's time to chill out. Go to bed.
  • jenksEmily I had fun at homecoming and I don't bully over twitter, but I like that DHS is standing up for freedom of speech #OperationLetsDoThis

David Mustonen, the spokesman for Dearborn Schools, said the random breathlyzer tests were indeed conducted at Dearborn High, and that it's nothing new.

"This has occurred before at all of the high schools," he said. "The tests are voluntary—the students understood they could say no. But I would say that there are 1,800 students at the school, and the administrators are responsible for the safety of the kids while they are at school events."

The tests apparently were administered to seven students out of hundreds that attended the dance at DHS; all tested negative, Mustonen said. He added that police officers conducted the tests, and that administrators asked students who were perhaps behaving oddly to take the test, but that others were asked randomly.

Each of the three high school sets their own rules for dances and events, but their policies are similar, said Mustonen. 

Administrators are responsible for enforcing rules and setting the tone at their buildings, and often times, students may not like the decisions made by adults, said Mustonen.

"We have to remember that they are kids," he said.

Allen H. Mallad October 12, 2012 at 12:03 PM
I was only talking to the parents that condone the behavior of the students at these dances, my oldest is 44 years old and has confessed of a couple of things in his teens that I was not happy with, but thank God none of my four children have caused me to disbelieve in them, all kids experiment in their lives the question is to what extent, that’s where our input counts, I have experienced situations with my younger one that I never did with my older children, but my resolve was never wavered, I’m was talking to the people that see no harm in what I witnessed at the dance I chaperoned, and do not give me that stuff about other countries. I live and was born in America and our morals need help here, TV, internet, and all the things that our shaping the morals of our children need attention from us as parents, even though we cannot be with our children 24 hours a day, we must be relentless efforts to shape our children lives, and teach them right from wrong, this is what parents do even in the 21st century.
R. EALLY October 12, 2012 at 02:10 PM
I agree Allen, I'm just stating that repremanding your kids in other countries is acceptable, it had nothing to do with you or any other person. I do agree that the morals in this country and I am sure probably across the world need to improve, and the parents are the ones that start that process. Infortunately we cant control the media, and that is what effect our kids the most. It is tough in this day and age for most parents because usually both work and have less time parenting their kids... it is a very hard time to raise with children to the point where they get to adulthood with morals intact, but we must keep trying. Again I don't condone any of this behavior, what I didn't expect is for people to be suprised by the actions of our children in this 21st century, but parents cannot just believe that their kids are good because they are taught good morals, many just as when I grew up duped their parents and "sinned" in their lives outside the parents knowledge. My point is parents open your eyes to society today, and don't assume because your children are raised morally that they are not acting different out of our control...
R. EALLY October 12, 2012 at 02:10 PM
It happens all to often, I don't know what the solution is. But, I do know that many parents that assume their kids are good and they are not. If they do this at a event, where administrators and parents are watching, you know it is worse when they are alone, but these kids choosing to do this on their own, dosent make us bad parents. Certainly there are parents out there that are bad parents and they spawn problem children that try to influence the good kids. Bad parents should be ashamed, but good parents that have done all the right things should not be blamed for the immoral actions of their parents, the good parents should contine to try to turn around their kids, but even sometimes with the best upbringing, sometimes chidren just do their own things.
R. EALLY October 12, 2012 at 02:12 PM
sorry the comments below I beleive are posten upside down and the second comment should be first...the first comment says I agree allen
Nickel October 16, 2012 at 09:57 AM
@alliemarie, what is twitter? It is a form of social media where you write about yourself, others get to read it. If you don't want the AP to read about your weekend happenings then don't tweet! Doesn't get any easier than that.


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