3 Students Disciplined Over Fordson Basketball Game Fight

A fight broke out between players at a Fordson v Redford Thurston game Tuesday night.

Three Fordson High School students have been disciplined following a fight during a boys basketball game, Dearborn Public Schools confirmed Thursday.

Two students will be suspended for two days from school, while a third will be forced to sit out this Friday's basketball game against Romulus.

The fight took place Tuesday at Fordson, just after the the game was completed.

MLive reported that the fight appeared to start when a Fordson player pushed a Thurston player as the teams were about to shake hands. However, district officials are saying after viewing video footage of the incident, it's not clear who—if any one person—instigated the brawl.

According to athletic and school officials, it appeared that the fight escalated into shoving, at which point multiple students, parents and coaches became involved.

“Our initial reports are that parents came out of the stands to break things up,” said DPS spokesman David Mustonen.

The two students who have been suspended, however, were identified as coming down from the stands to provoke or take part in the fight—not to break it up.

Both of those students are not members of the basketball team.

One Fordson basketball player will be suspended from a game due to what officials felt was bad behavior following the incident.

"He demonstrated inappropriate behavior, and the coaches and administration felt that some type of disciplinary action needed to be taken," Mustonen said. "If this is what the school feels is appropriate, then we’re OK with that."

The player who was suspended, however, was not identified as being involved with starting the fight.

"It was really inconclusive who started what," Mustonen added.

AbuHak January 17, 2013 at 08:18 PM
I am glad that the school followed through on this and disciplined the instigators. I wonder what Thurston's view on the incident was?
Samia Saleh Kabbani-realtor January 17, 2013 at 09:01 PM
I hope this little smack on the hand for the player doesn't actually encourage that behavior. Whats out one game? A little punishment for a potential crime. It starys like this and ends with weapon violence. My kids will not ne attendi ng anumore fordson games thanks
Jan January 23, 2013 at 01:43 PM
According to the Code of Conduct, it doesn't matter who starts the fight...anybody who participates in the fighting, even if for self-defense, is still subject to discipline. ..eg if one students punches another, and the other punches back, both are still suspended.


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