Who Will Run For Mayor of Dearborn in 2013?

Elections for mayor and all seven council seats will take place in November.

Only one petition has been pulled for the Dearborn 2013 mayoral race, but that hasn't stopped residents from voicing their opinions on who else should run for the city's top elected spot.

The mayor's seat, plus all seven Dearborn City Council seats, are up for reelection this November. Several residents have already pulled petitions to run for council.

The sole petitioner as of Jan. 28 is Edward Binkley, a longtime resident and supporter of the Dearborn Historical Museum and city recreation programs.

Aside from Binkley and current Mayor Jack O'Reilly, several names are being thrown around as possible candidates in online social spheres—including current City Council President Tom Tafelski and Wayne County Commission Chairman Gary Woronchak.

Facebook page urging Woronchak to run for mayor has garnered more than 100 "likes," though it's not clear who created the page.

"Nobody is more qualified," one supporter wrote on the page. "We've supported him and we've had a sign on our lawn for him for the past 25 years."

Woronchak told Patch he has no idea who created the page, but was flattered to see it.

"It certainly is gratifying to know that some of my fellow Dearborn residents have such faith and confidence in me, and would think of me and the work I've done for our community in such a complimentary way," he said. "I was quite surprised to see that someone created that page on Facebook."

Similarly, several calls for Tafelski to run for mayor have surfaced on social media, and on the pages of Dearborn Patch—especially in regard to conversations about the decision to move Dearborn City Hall. Tafelski has been an outspoken opponent of the move, which has the support of Mayor Jack O'Reilly.

"Looks to me like Tom Tafelski has taken off his socks and shoes and is dipping his toes into the mayoral pool," commented Patch reader James in regard to Tafelski's strong stance on city hall.

"Tom certainly has the experience and is the only other person I would endorse, regardless of anyone else entering the race," added reader laplateau. "But, he needs to know there is support for him out here in the general Dearborn populace."

Candidates for all races have until May 14 to submit 100 valid signatures and be placed on the ballot. A primary election will be held in August if the number of candidates for a particular race is more than double the available seats. If not, candidates will move straight to November's general election.

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edward binkley March 06, 2013 at 09:05 PM
Actually I was wrong the other day Orville Hubbards middle name was liptsome is what i was told by the historical commission president at the volunteer brunch last saturday. Now at least the mayor knows whom I am.
edward binkley March 09, 2013 at 08:36 PM
hubbards name actually Orville Lispern
Gus June 20, 2013 at 10:03 AM
Whom ever it is, there needs to be a change of the existing Directors in some of the departments, time for a real change in Dearborn. The rhetoric in the Building and Safety is ridiculous, and a waste of my tax dollars, when you ask questions and they give you the "I don't know the answer to that" with no effort in trying to get an answer for you. I am hoping for change.
Bryan Begley June 23, 2013 at 04:46 PM
im going for Edward binkley all the way and so are my sisters and brothers and mom i have a huge family and we are all for edward cause we know he is the man for the job and he is very smart and book smarts to me he may say he aint but he is a book himself he really is a great guy give him a chance to show you people that he can do this he has much love for his city we all know that and we have know edward for many years keep up the good work dont give up man you will have people talk bad about you cause they have no hope but things will change C:
edward binkley July 22, 2013 at 08:58 PM
thankyou very much brian i will try the best that i know how and if i have any question i will ask questions of the people for the answers god bless


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