Who Plows the Snow in Dearborn?

A major snowstorm is expected to drop 2-5 inches on Dearborn Thursday night. See where the plows are before you head out.

When the snow falls, the question on every person's mind will be: When is it safe to drive?

According to the City of Dearborn, the city's Department of Public Works will generally send out plows when any more than 3-4 inches of snow falls within a short period of time, and depending on weather forecasts.

Wayne County residents have an added advantage to safe winter driving with "Compass" technology, which allows them to see where the plows are headed.

According to Wayne County Department of Public Service Deputy Chief Operating Officer Cindy Dingell, “Compass is a public site where people can go online and see what routes are cleared. They can see which routes (plow) trucks have covered. They can click and watch real-time video footage as well. The cameras are mounted on the passenger side of the trucks."

Find the interactive map at www.compass.waynecounty.com.

City, County or State?

Who's plowing that road?

The City of Dearborn's Department of Public Works is responsible for most roads within Dearborn limits, but some are part of the county or state network.

State roads include freeways with M, I, or US designations—such as Michigan Avenue (US-12) and the Southfield Freeway (M-39).

Wayne County-controlled roads include:

  • All of Outer Drive
  • All of Rotunda Drive
  • Oakwood from Michigan to Southfield Freeway
  • Pelham from Rotunda to Outer Drive
  • Evergreen Road
  • Hubbard drive from Evergreen to Mercury Drive
  • Mercury Drive from Hubbard to Ford Road
  • All of Greenfield Road
  • All of Warren Avenue
  • Tireman from Greenfield to Miller
  • Miller Road from Warren to south city limits
  • Oakman from Michigan Avenue to Miller
  • Wyoming from Tireman to Lapeer
  • Ferney from Dix to Wyoming
  • Dix Avenue
  • Butler Road


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City of Dearborn February 08, 2013 at 03:07 AM
Which roads in Dearborn are always the ones you wish got plowed faster or better?


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