POLL: Would You Support a Dedicated Millage for Dearborn's Pools?

Save Our Pools proposed a ballot question that would put the future of Dearborn's pools solely in the hands of voters.

A plan proposed to City Council Monday evening at the 2013 budget public hearing made a suggestion that would answer the question once and for all: Does Dearborn want to pay to keep its community pools?

Kristyn Taylor, a member of the Save Our Pools group, brought a plan before council at that would put a ballot proposal before residents asking them to vote on a dedicated millage that would cover the operating costs, capital improvements and maintenance of all eight of the city's pools.

The millage would also eliminate the purchase of pool tags, Taylor explained. Instead, all residents would automatically receive tags–as all residents would pay the tax.

"We would unite the city with something everyone would choose for the city of Dearborn," Taylor said. "Our plan ... brings together all interests we've heard from (the city and residents) ... and we would keep the pools open."

The millage proposal comes on the heels of the special assessment district funding plan, which would have taxed only the residents in the area immediately surrounding each small neighborhood pool. That idea , who said they felt it was unfair to residents to move forward without having a more concrete idea as to what the cost to voters would be.

When SOP members refused to hand over signatures that would put SADs on the ballot, the city essentially disbanded the Outdoor Pools Committee.

The new plan presented suggests that although it would be a new tax on residents, it would–if approved–be levied just as the millage runs out on the . That debt tax, which amounts to about two-thirds of a mill, expires in 2013.

"While it would be a new millage, the effect would be a continuation or decrease of the current costs the residents pay," SOP explained in the written plan. "The pool millage would begin where The Center millage ends."

Several members of Dearborn City Council said they saw merit in the idea, and would be willing to discuss it further.

"The fact that you want to take this to the voters makes a whole lot of sense to me," said Councilman David Bazzy. "If the voters want it, they’ll fund it.”

Tell us what you think: Would you support a dedicated millage for Dearborn's pools?

Silvio Davis June 11, 2012 at 03:05 AM
Dearborn Taxpayer, using the "60%" number on a online news paper page is a little foolish, wouldn't you agree? Do you think every tax payer in Dearborn voted on this site? Lets be real here, the same people comment on every article on this page. Notice the facebook page of SOP, we have followers all over Dearborn. Yes, some are not residents but most are. Also look at all the support of the pools we have with fundraisers, family nights, etc. To say the people do not want the pools is absurd. The taxes will decrease this year because the Center is paid off. The proposed millage for the pools will be less than what is now, which means your taxes will still decrease. Not only will we get new pools throughout the 10 years, but families will get free tags and property values will not decrease more than they already have. What do you want the kids of Dearborn to do all summer long? Run the streets..if we have it your way the crime rate will sky rocket sir. Just because your children did/do not use the pools is their choice. Some kids like to get exercise some like to play video games all day. As a child I grew up in the pools and was there every single day from open until close. All of my friends were as well.The children in this City use the pools, notice the number increase over the past 3 years in usage. I do agree with some of the non-supporters comments about taking it to the people.You all will be surprised once you come out of your boxes and see all the supporters SOP has.
Dearborn Resident July 12, 2012 at 06:08 PM
A new Aquatic development at Ford Woods, like Dunworth. Something stinks in the keep East Dbn residents in East Dbn department.
Dearborn Resident July 12, 2012 at 06:15 PM
Amen Steve.
Dearborn Resident July 12, 2012 at 06:16 PM
In a nutshell, yes, I would vote YES on this millage.
cmg July 12, 2012 at 06:21 PM
After reading all of these comments I can pinpoint the people that don't have kids that routinely use the pools. I do. My kids have used them for the last 7 years, swim lessons and all. I've paid for the lessons and for the tags. I've paid for them to play sports, for the ump fees, the upkeep on the fields, you get the picture. That being said I do it so my kids have a place to go to be safe and have a good time. If they are hanging out at the park doing nothing then it's a cause for trouble. Why is that better?? How about you "older" generation support some of the younger generation like you had when you were younger?? Dunworth has been there forever, I'm assuming you all went to Seashore. Whether you pay for a private club or you pay for the city pool what is the difference. I'll pay. No I'm by no means wealthy, I work because I enjoy the things I have. All of you "haters" need to find something to do with the extra time you spend on here complaining.....I know go take care of the pools....for free....then we wouldn't need a tax hike.


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