Nearly 3,000 Vehicles Ticketed During Snow Emergencies in Dearborn

2,841 vehicles were ticketed since Dec. 15 for parking on Dearborn streets during snow emergencies.

Patch file photo.
Patch file photo.
Over the past few weeks, the city had to declare four separate snow emergencies after three major snowstorms hit southeast Michigan in close proximity.

During that time, 2,841 vehicles were issued tickets for parking on Dearborn streets during the snow emergencies.

Though it is certainly not ideal to be shelling out hefty tickets to residents for parking in the street during snow emergencies, it is extremely important that all streets are clear so they can be plowed quickly and efficiently.

"The city and the police department are mindful that snow emergencies can be inconvenient for people, especially those without adequate off-street parking for all of their vehicles," said Mary Laundroche, the city's Department of Public Information director. "We balance that inconvenience with the need to keep the roads safe, to allow emergency vehicles to pass, to allow for trash and recycling pickup, to make sure kids can get safely to school after the storms pass, and so that residents park easily on cleared streets after the event ends."

The city notifies residents about snow emergencies in a variety of ways: Sounding sirens multiple times at the onset of the emergency, sending alerts out on Nixle and on the City of Dearborn's website, and reaching out through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, Laundroche said.

Here is a breakdown of how many ticket were issued during each snow emergency:

Dec. 15, 2013: 1,193 Vehicles cited

January 2, 2014: 859 Vehicles cited

January 3, 2014: 187 Vehicles cited

January 6, 2014: 602 Vehicles cited

"Even without a snow emergency we tell people to pay attention to weather forecasts," Laundroche said. "And it is always a good idea to remove parked vehicles from the streets if 3 inches or more of snow is predicted."

Tickets issued during a snow emergency cost $80, or $40 if paid within three days.

Alan Siwarski January 27, 2014 at 12:14 PM
lets all go park in the mayors drive way,some one down at city hall needs to lose an over paid job!
Lee Jacobsen January 27, 2014 at 10:55 PM
At the city council meeting , the mayor said they know who ignores the snow emergency alerts, and says it is always the same folk, the same procrastinators. If these folk have no alternate parking other than the street, what are their options? None. The City of Dearborn should give folk in such circumstances an option to park somewhere, for a day, no charge, without threat of a ticket. Do folk use the parks during a snow emergency? Not enough to matter. Let folks park in those areas for a day. The same for the parking area behind the City Hall. The same for the school parking lots, after all, school is closed anyway, right? Also, it does not cost the city anything except a loss of revenue from parking tickets.
Jeff Holmquist January 28, 2014 at 11:38 AM
Well Lee, the city did it to me again! A $40 ticket this morning. I heard the sirens yesterday, AND the snow plow came thru once. I thought that was enough! Why today at 7:30 A.M, did I get a ticket? This time I'm going in front of a Judge. The magistrate disregarded the impeccable logic I had shown in my "letter to the JUDGE" previously. If I wanted a magistrate to read it, I'd have written: "Dear Magistrate". Don't send a boy to do a man's job! There were no tickets issued in prior decades. (I have no driveway.) The issues resolved themselves. I'd read that Mayor O'Reilly himself, had the original thought to "levy fines" (tickets) on this issue. If so, this one reason alone should be enough to NOT vote for him! Does that come thru loud and clear? Jenny Kalish should write an article that indicates how many homes in Dearborn have no driveways. She should then proceed to interview those folks. Lee, you're a successful businessman, why don't you run for mayor?
Jeff Holmquist January 28, 2014 at 11:48 AM
At least the police of Dearborn, in general, are very good. The city of Wayne is a different story! They do NOT issue warnings - they issue traffic tickets! By far, the worst area city I know, on that score. Please, everybody, do NOT skirt the traffic laws in Wayne. The police there have NO gray area. Some have been very impolite too. Wayne is obviously "cash strapped" to the max! You shouldn't contribute to any benefits or promotions for that police department!
Lee Jacobsen January 29, 2014 at 12:35 AM
As a follow-up, conversation with the Mayor at the council meeting tonight reveals that the Mayor is looking into the possibility of making non-commercial parking areas such as parks and recreation center parking lots available to residents to use for parking during snow emergencies. He wants to confirm these locations, then take action to make it happen. He can't promise an exact date, but that is a politician's privilege, remaining a moving target..... Thanks for the warning about Wayne, drive through it all the time, been lucky so far. Be careful in Allen Park, the judges are not quite right in the head,...they dismiss fines, and keep the points for you on your record! Does not make any sense, how can they pay off all their movie debt by not collecting fines? R


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