UPDATE: Terry Jones Arrested, Released on $1 Bond

A jury on Friday afternoon determined after a day of court hearings that Florida Pastor Terry Jones and his associate Wayne Sapp would be likely to breach the peace. A bond was set at $1.

Quran-burning Florida Pastor Terry Jones and his associate Wayne Sapp posted bond and were released an hour after being arrested and jailed today for refusing at first to pay the $1 bond set for each of them.

Judge Mark Somers set the $1 peace bond after a six-person jury decided in Dearborn's 19th District Court that Jones and Sapp were likely to breach the peace through a planned protest.

The bond was set on condition that Jones and Sapp not enter the premises of the Islamic Center of America or the nearby area for three years. Jones and Sapp had planned to protest Friday near the center.

The Wayne County prosecutor's office confirmed this evening that Jones and Sapp  both posted bond about an hour after their 7 p.m. arrest and were released from the Wayne County Jail.

After the arrest, a crowd of about 20 protesters surrounded the police car with Jones inside at the courthouse, shouting things like, "Jones is a racist." They also surrounded and heckled Jones supporter David Grisham, a Texas pastor who had come to testify on Jones and Sapp's behalf.

Jones and his fellow demonstrators, several of whom were called as witnesses in court, said earlier Friday that they would attempt to protest at the no matter what the jury decided – even if that meant they would be arrested for their actions.

"We're willing to go to jail for it," said Rabbi Nachum Shifren, a witness called by Sapp to testify. Shifren said he was planning to join them at the protest at the Islamic Center, the nation's largest mosque.

The prosecutor had asked for a $45,000 bond.

The ACLU of Michigan had filed a friend of the court brief, Communications Director Rana Elmir said, "on behalf of the principle that if the First Amendment means anything, it means that the government cannot interfere in a person’s free speech simply because it doesn’t agree with the message or because someone else may not agree with the message."

The ACLU had asked that Judge Somers to throw out the verdict if the jury found Sapp and Jones likely to breach the peace. "Our government cannot put a price on free speech because of the reactions of another group," she added.

Morning Testimony

As court came into session Friday morning just before 9 a.m., Jones and Sapp sported Harley-Davidson T-shirts, with Jones' now-signature leather jacket slung over his chair.

Opening arguments for Jones and Sapp centered around First Amendment rights to free speech.

“You may not agree with what we’ve done," Jones said of his Quran burning during the jury trial Friday in Dearborn's . "This is, to a certain extent, a First Amendment issue ... and the First Amendment does us no good if it confines us to saying what popular opinion is.”

Wayne County Assistant Prosecutor and Chief of Special Investigations Robert Moran saw things differently. He noted that Dearborn Police denied Jones' event permit, but also told him that he and his associates could demonstrate in one of the city's free speech zones "in the interest of public safety."

“They said 'No,'" Moran said. "They said, 'We’re going to come demonstrate where we want, when we want, regardless of the law.'”

Jones contended that free speech zones are "ridiculous."

"All we want to do is exercise our First Amendment rights," Jones said. "Those free-speech zones are absolutely ridiculous. Freedom of speech does not have speech zones."

Several witnesses were called, including Dearborn Police Chief Ronald Haddad, who stated he believed it "would be totally irresponsible" for his department to have granted Jones' permit request to demonstrate in front of the Islamic Center of America. He added that he believed it was likely that someone would commit a violent act at the protest.

"There’s a strong likelihood that an instigator will be there and violence will occur," Haddad said. "I hope it doesn’t, but I have grave concern based on the intelligence we’ve developed."

Other Voices

Several concerned citizens came into the courtroom during a mid-morning break and spoke with Sapp, urging both him and Jones to take home a different view of Dearborn.

"We might not change (Jones and Sapp's) views on Islam and Muslims in America, but ... when you go back to Florida, at least be open minded enough to acknowledge the fact that we are different here in Dearborn," said Mahdi Saad, a Dearborn resident and Muslim. "Maybe we can’t change your view of Muslims all around the world. But at least go back with a different view of the people in Dearborn."

The hearing was originally set for Thursday before Judge Mark Somers, but was at Jones' request after he denied the option of paying a bond set by Somers.

Jones' original protest was set for 5-8 p.m. Friday evening at the Islamic Center The city, however, denied his permit request due to space and safety issues–a decision that Judge Somers agreed with. The Wayne County prosecutor's office then on April 15, asserting that they had reason to believe that Jones would breach the peace and incite a riot.

Meanwhile, at the Islamic Center, local religious leaders met Friday morning to call for peace and nonviolence.

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Carl April 22, 2011 at 03:23 PM
Wow, the prosecutor's office filed a complaint because the guy "might" breach the peace and incite a riot. Sounds like that Tom Cruise movie, "Minority Report". Arresting people because they may commit a crime in the future. I do not agree with buring Qurans, or bibles or Torahs or anything that is held sacred by some. But, all Americans, regardless or religion or faith system, should certainly revere the Constitution.
D.M.Castle April 22, 2011 at 04:39 PM
Oh, so it's OK to burn our flag in front of the White House, but it's not OK to burn their book? Give me a break!
Barbara Fox-hajj Houssien April 22, 2011 at 04:41 PM
Do you really have no clue about what is wrong with this country? Let me fill you in. HATE, intolerance, and absolute ignorance are what is wrong, and you Mr. Hoke, are part of the problem.
Mr Islander April 22, 2011 at 04:41 PM
YOU SAID: "Arresting people because they may commit a crime in the future." Can't you read? The 'opps' pistol packing preacher has not been arrested on any charges. Rather, the jury has been convened at his own request so as to determine whether he should or should not be allowed a permit to hold an intensely controversial demonstration in a part of the city that city officials contend would be detrimental to the public's health and safety. This is exactly the kind of judgment calls that government officials tend to make all of the time in this country. For instance during the 2008 Republican Presidential Convention any would-be protesters were forcibly restricted by police from even coming any where near to the convention center and the only place that they were allowed to demonstrate was in the very same sorts of 'Free Speech Zones' that you rabidly right-wing types are now so roundly condemning. Carl, just where was your own voice of possible protest when in 2008 the shoe had been on the other foot and others like you were debating whether any would-be dissenenters shouldn't be arrested on sight should they even come into town? That sort of blatant hypocrisy on the part of the pro-Jones crowd is sort of funny don't you think?
Mr Islander April 22, 2011 at 05:11 PM
Hoke, John says: "Jusy read it and you will see for yourself..." (?) Are you really quite sure that you can actually read plain English little alone understand the meaning of the verses of the Muslim holy-book which can probably only be properly comprehended in terms of the Arabic language? Please don't thing think that you can be accepted as some kind of expert on the meanings as might be expressed in the Muslim's holy book if you can in fact neither read or speak Arabic. Or, in other word, you sound just like a dim-witted dummy who should probably just go away since you've obviously nothing that might be thought constructive to add here.
James April 22, 2011 at 06:58 PM
Most of you commenters don't even understand what this man is about. He is pure evil. Most people could care less about the Koran but this a$$hole decided to burn another religions holy book in the name of 'freedom of speech'. What's wrong with this picture? It's not about burning a bunch of paper, it's about the danger this coward has placed our country in. It's about the violence that this idiot has and will continue to cause. How many human lives have to be snuffed out because of this selfish idiot's right to freedom of speech? What about the rights of those who are citizens of the USA? Do they have the right to practice religion as they see fit? It does not seem so. When are you people going to realize that sometimes preservation of life is more important than a trailer trash pig like this "Reverend's" right to practice freedom of speech? I hope the Dearborne police intelligence is correct and somebody sends him back to hell where he came from! What kind of 'man of God' acts like this? Even Hitler is more liked than he is. He should take that gun he's packing and use it on himself and do the world and himself a favor.
J Robinson April 22, 2011 at 07:03 PM
Joe Free speech is great and it should be free. However, I believe that free speech should terminate when it infringes on the rights of others. Plain and simple.
Anthony April 22, 2011 at 07:41 PM
Why are they not being charged with accessory to murder after UN personnel were killed in riots after his stupidity.
Idania Fraginals April 22, 2011 at 08:39 PM
Out of respect we should not burn anything that is sacred to others still...Our flag have been burned many times, Jesus Christ has been mock in all ways possible, our churches and sinagoges have been disrespected always. Still no one, no one have been tried for it. What it is so special about their Koran that an american has to be prosecuted? It seems to be ridicuolous and very slanted action in favor of the ones prophesing that creed. Are they getting special treatment because the president is attached to that creed? It is really weird, like the muslim teacher on probation on the job requesting one month vacation and suing for religious discrimination when it was not granted. No employer granted me vacations while on probation. Something is going very wrong in our country. Is this really the United States of America?
Idania Fraginals April 22, 2011 at 08:42 PM
What are the rights of others?. If you dont like what I say just go away but do not play with my freedom of speech.
Idania Fraginals April 22, 2011 at 08:53 PM
So you are talking out of fear? fear of the muslims? This is a new inmigration into our country and like all of us before them have to play by this country's rules. They are not different than the jews, Puritans, Quakers or Catholics for that matter. The guy in question is no doubt a jerk but is not about him is about the rights of the American people. Were you that afraid when people burned our flag? or when Jewish children were shoot at preschoolers in California? Were you afraid when someone portrait our Jesus as a homosexual? were you afraid? Now you are afraid because this jerk insulted the muslims. So what? Still he has the rights given to him by the constitution. If Muslims have to be feared is time for the authorities to take control of the problem.
Clare Pfeiffer Ramsey April 22, 2011 at 11:16 PM
Hello readers, please check the update. We've updated with the outcome of the trial.
mooney April 22, 2011 at 11:54 PM
The only commenter whose words make sense is James.You are right this man is a pure evil.I don't understand what will burning Koran do,get rid of Islam? make Muslim people invisible? take away my belief as a Muslim woman? He came to Dearborn just to create troubles and put more hate and ignorant in this peaceful city.you Amercian people should be the first one to defend this city cause you know in your heart that there is no such thing called Shiraa as pastor Jones says.God bless America and all people who live in it regardless of their religions or beliefs .
Melissa White April 23, 2011 at 01:42 AM
I wonder what the weird pastor would think if some Muslims burned the bible on the lawn of his church? What if they "accidentally" discharged a firearm close to the church? I would bet that he would call them terrorists. Terrorists are those that incite fear, hatred, or repression in others, regardless of their religion or beliefs. That makes him a terrorist. I am an American, (although my grandparents were immigrants -weren't most of yours also?) and am proud to be so. I am also proud of our amazing, diverse culture that is unique in depth and quality to anywhere in the world. We can certainly all have the right to our own beliefs, and have the right and freedom to say what we want, just not hurt, insult, or repress others while we do so. He can say whatever hurtful crap he wants in the privacy of his own home, in his church where only crazies like him will hear, or in a "free speech area", which will likely be empty. This is exactly why he doesn't care to speak there- he would be speaking to himself. He wants a captive audience that will be insulted and terrorized by his behavior. THAT is un-American behavior, and regardless of your personal beliefs, we should all absolve to prevent this despicable crap from happening. We should support each other, regardless of color, religion, creed, whatever. We should support with pride our amazing servicemen and women, who's very lives are put at risk because of nuts like him. We should support each other, not condemn.
mooney April 23, 2011 at 01:54 AM
thumps up to Aliaho and Melissa
Clare Pfeiffer Ramsey April 23, 2011 at 02:06 AM
Another update: Jones and Sapp are out on the $1 bond. Read the story for more details.
M Greene April 23, 2011 at 03:23 AM
I'm vary pleased with the courts decision in this case. The first amendment gives us the right to free speech, however it don't give you the right to offend others with that speech. Michigan have some laws that never came up in this case. MCL 752.525 DISTURBANCE OF RELIGIOUS MEETING If Mr. Jones would have been permitted to protest, he couldn't have done it within 2 miles of the Islamic Center is just one of the rules under this statue. MCL 750.147b ETHNIC INTIMIDATION You can not intimidate or harass another person because of their race, color, religion, gender or national origin. under this statue a person could bring a civil action for damages ( emotional distress ) If the centers membership, let's say its about 1500, each member could sue and could be awarded up to $6000.00 each, that would total $9,000,000.00 MCL 750.524 NEGLECT OR REFUSAL TO SUPPRESS UNLAWFUL ASSEMBLY If Mr. Jones would have a protest anywhere without permission, and the local elected official of the city, or the county sherrif department did nothing. all of them could be charged under this statue. M Greene
Mr Islander April 23, 2011 at 03:56 AM
Ha Ha! I love the posted picture that accompanies this article. It shows Terry Jones as he's being released from the City of Dearborn jail tonight. And, by the obviously deflated look on his face and his slumped posture you can clearly tell that he must have had a very long and hard day. So much for his big dreams of coming into town and making himself even more famous by causing trouble. And, if he's smart he won't ever want to come back here again.
Larry Ludwick April 23, 2011 at 01:35 PM
Several points: The story published is misleading. Terry Jones did not request a jury trial. He refused to post bond which automatically took it to a jury trial. Terry Jones was arrested to prevent him from walking on a public street carrying a sign. He was held in jail and the courtroom long enough to prevent him from carrying out his plan of protest. To M. Greene -- the Constitution does indeed give you the right to offend others with your speech. Otherwise, what's the point of the first amendment. No one will mind speech they agree with. The right to say things others find offensive is the *first* amendment to our Constitution because the founding fathers held it to be most important. I haven't seen anyone comment on the concept of false imprisonment or illegal search and seizure. To arrest a man because he says he's going to protest is clearly a violation of the First Amendment and is probalby a violation of the Sixth.
Melissa White April 23, 2011 at 01:48 PM
Mr. Ludwick, the first amendment definitely gives you the right to free speech - and it is currently restricted to "free speech areas" - did you miss that point? We have the right to also be protected from crazy people demonstrating on public or private property without permission to do so. That is the police department's job, and they did their job. There have been many other people who have been similarly turned down in their unreasonable requests. Even people striking have to have permits, and they have to observe laws so no one is hurt by their actions; and striking is a right that is woven in the fabric of American history. In terms of your ridiculous comment on "false imprisonment"-give me a break!!! The guy refused to pay a $1 bond. Obviously he wanted to be arrested to make more "news". Stop twisting things around. Any sane, reasonable individual can see this grandstanding joker for exactly what he is. Why the heck are we giving him more than his 15 minutes???
Larry Ludwick April 23, 2011 at 04:54 PM
He was arrested to prevent him from making political or religious speech. Your characterization Rev. Perry as 'crazy' is typical of those who don't believe in the exchange of ideas. He doesn't agree with you so he must be crazy. Being restricted to 'free speech areas' is not free speech, it's restricted speech. Location aside, the Constitution was thrown out the window because Rev. Perry did not speak anywhere. He did not hold a protest. He didn't pose a threat to anyoone. He was arrested for having an opinion and held to keep him from speaking about it. Whether you agree with him or not (and I don't care about him one way or the other), his rights as a citizen of the United States were severely abused.
William Wallace April 24, 2011 at 02:52 AM
Look where this happend in a city full of muslims in a liberal state with a liberal judge. Of course they would try and stop his basic rights as a citizens of america. Its his LEGAL right to protest anywhere he wants to in public property. He can LEGALLY stand on a sidewalk and protest. Any real judge would uphold that right. The cops should be there to make sure it doesnt get out of hand but as long as he doesnt get assaulted or start a fight its just fine to do what he wanted. This man may not be the nicest guy or show the best judgement but he has the right to protest in public and say what ever he wishes. If people dont like it they dont have to be there and listen. Let him protest and then he can go home happy. As to the part about its his fault for the deaths of UN workers. Thats a crock. The ignorant muslims in that country are at fault. They proved his point to boot. The point of his outburst is to prove Islam is not a peaceful religion and he proved it. A simple book was burned and they ignorant members of a religous group incited there followers and they killed. Terry jones just caused them to show there true colors.
James White September 12, 2013 at 03:05 AM
geesh freedom of speech for American's hum or mualims hum thought this was america


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