Gov. Snyder Expected to Sign Into Law K2, Spice Ban on Tuesday

The ban on the synthetic drugs would go into effect on July 1.

Critics of the synthetic drug known as have been calling for a statewide ban on the substance, which can have powerful side effects.

On Tuesday, Gov. Rick Snyder is expected to sign into law a ban on the drug, state Rep. Kurt Heise (R-Plymouth) confirmed Monday. The substance has been sold legally because it is marketed as herbal incense or potpourri and is labeled "not for human consumption."

The Detroit Free Press reports: "One of the bills updates the list of chemicals used to make synthetic drugs and would make them illegal to possess and sell. The ban would go into effect July 1."

Other legislation would go into effect immediately and authorize the state to temporarily ban a substance if officials decide it poses an "imminent danger to people's health. It is designed to allow health officials to respond quicker to changing formulas used in synthetic drugs," the Free Press reports.

Heise said there's an important concern about the bills, which the legislature is attempting to preemptively address.

"As soon as we come up with these rules, the bad guys try and get around it," he said.

This governor's signing will take place just hours before Dearborn City Council meets Tuesday evening to enact a city-wide ordinance that will mirror state law.

Council President Tom Tafelski spoke briefly about the local legislation at the June 12 council meeting, listing off efforts the city has taken to combat the drug. This has included in support of statewide legislation, as well as a letter sent to Dearborn businesses by the .

"The city of Dearborn has been a leader in this," Tafelski said. "But really, (the ban) needs to come from the state."


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