Gale Warnings Issued for Lake St. Clair

The National Weather Service has issued a gale warning for Lake St. Clair, with wind gusts expected to reach 50 knots with wave heights reaching 11 feet.

The National Weather Service has issued a gale warning until 8 p.m. Tuesday for Lake St. Clair.

Winds gusts from the north could reach 50 knots, with wave heights potentially topping out at 11 feet early Tuesday morning.

The National Weather Service "highly recommends" inexperienced mariners seek safe harbor, according to the advisory.

“Staying off of the water and moving your vessel out of harm’s way are the best defenses when a storm is approaching,” Capt. Andrew Sugimoto, chief of the 9th Coast Guard District Incident Management Branch, said in a release.

“It’s important that, if you cannot remove your vessel from the area or get it out of the water, you take the necessary precautions to secure additional mooring lines and put out additional anchors. But if it’s too late to more or secure your vessel, leave it as it is. Don’t risk your safety,” he added.

The Coast Guard also shared the following tips for boaters as Hurricane Sandy approaches the Great Lakes:

  • Stay informed: Monitor Hurricane Sandy through local television, radio and Internet. Information can also be obtained through small craft advisories and warnings on channel 16.
  • Secure your vessel: Boat owners are urged to move their vessel to a protected mooring or haul-out location well in advance of the storm. 
  • Never stay with your boat: Boats should be stripped of anything that can become loose during the storm. 
  • Be cautious of hazardous materials: If you have hazardous materials on your boat, you are responsible for any spills that may occur. Take the necessary precautions to remove or secure them prior to any heavy weather.
  • Stay clear of beaches: Surfers and paddlesport enthusiasts are urged to stay clear of beaches and other waterways until local officials say the water is safe.  


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