Dearborn Voters Bucked Trends, Supported Proposals 1 and 2

Four out of six statewide proposals were overwhelmingly defeated in Dearborn on Election Day.

While Dearborn voters mostly mirrored statewide trends in turning down proposals on the Nov. 6 ballot, there were two major differences: Dearborn voters passed Proposals 1 and 2 with a 50.58 and 52.34 percent majority, respectively.

Statewide, voters turned down all six proposals.

One of the most controversial government issues of the past year, Proposal 1 centered on the future of the state's emergency manager law. Passed as Public Act 4 in 2011, the law allowed the state to appoint an official to oversee a community deemed to be in significant financial trouble. The law allowed that official to dissolve any elected officials and union agreements.

Proposal 1 was supported by Republican Gov. Rick Snyder, and opposed by unions.

Proposal 2 would have written collective bargaining for unions into the Michigan constitution, effectively ending the back-and-forth battle between organized labor and the state's GOP legislators.

It was supported by many union groups, including the Dearborn Firefighters.

Here's a look at how Dearborn voted on the state's six proposals:

Proposal Yes No 1. Emergency manager 18,588 18,160

2. Collective bargaining

19,606 17,851 3. Renewable energy 15,600 21,319 4. Home health care 17,205 19,052 5. Tax supermajority 10,036 26,450 6. State bridges 11,650 24,902
Donna Hay November 08, 2012 at 07:32 PM
Nothing that happens in Dearborn surprises me anymore.
cheryl November 08, 2012 at 08:46 PM
While I don't have a problem with the emergency manager itself, the way the proposal was written allowed for criteria to be set...and it didn't say by who, or how overreaching or if there was a way to reverse it if the situation got better, etc. I would have felt more comfortable if the criteria needed to override contracts, fire those elected, etc. was already set and part of the proposal.


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