Dearborn Showcases Hiring or Firefighters as Example of Commitment to Local Candidates

The city looks to encourage the success of the police and fire internship programs through such hires.

Three Dearborn residents were sworn in recently as firefighters with the Dearborn Fire Deparment.

The city celebrated the hirings as an example of the success of the city's Cadet Program, and as a contrast recent allegations that the city is discriminatory toward hiring residents for police, fire and city positions–.

Probationary Firefighter and lifelong Dearborn resident Matthew Bajjey, 25, is the third generation of Bajjeys to join the department.

A graduate, he became part of the Dearborn Fire Department Cadet Program.

He attended Schoolcraft College Fire Academy and the Michigan Academy of Emergency Services.  He earned certificates or licenses in Firefighting I and II, Hazardous Materials Operations and Awareness, and EMT and Paramedic training.

Probationary Firefighter and graduate Timothy Duda, 21, also is a lifelong Dearborn resident who always aspired to be a Dearborn firefighter. He took steps to fulfill his ambitions through participation in the Cadet Program.

Duda earned an associate’s degree in the Firefighting/Paramedic program at Henry Ford Community College and achieved Firefighter I and II certifications from Oakland Community College. He has also worked for a private EMS firm as a paramedic.

Probationary Firefighter and Dearborn resident Matthew Allen Ferrell, 26, volunteered with the Cadet Program for more than five years and is following in the footsteps of his brother Adam, who is also a Dearborn firefighter.

He earned certifications or licenses in Firefighting I and II, Hazmat I and II and as an EMT/paramedic.

The three join two other Cadet Program graduates hired by the Fire Department in August 2010.

In the police department, four graduates from Fordson and Edsel Ford are active in the internship program, which began in July 2010. Another two local students will start as unpaid interns in the fall.

The city suggested this week that allegations made were based on generalized concerns.

"While Mayor O’Reilly is willing to meet with representatives from CAAO and ADC to discuss any specific concerns," a release from the city read, "he cautions against the practice of making highly-charged allegations, then seeking evidence afterwards to support them."

Tim Reynolds July 21, 2012 at 01:43 PM
AC, Dearborn had a Fire Chief from Arab decent Fire Chief Nazih Hazime, was an excellent Fire Chief and served the City well. I know if their was an issue within the Department it would have been addressed. He would have hired the Best qualified for the City.
Mohamed Dagher July 21, 2012 at 06:58 PM
I AM HAPPY TO HEAR THAT THESE FIRE FIGHTERS ARE FROM THE COMMUNITY. WHENEVER CHEIF CELESKI WAS HERE PER THE DEARBORN POLICE DEPARTMENT HE HIRED THREE POLICE OFFICERS. AND OF THE THREE BOTH ATTENDED HIGHSCHOOL IN DEARBORN. AND ONE OF THOSE OFFICERS WAS AN ARAB AMERICAN. CHEIF CELESKI TRIED HIS BEST TO FIRE PEOPLE FROM THE COMMINITY. I DON'T KNOW WHAT CHEIF RONALD HADDAD HAS BEING DOING TODAY. BUT SINCE HE HAS BEEN THE CHEIF HE HAS NOT HIRED ONE ARAB AMERCIAN OR ANYONE WHO'S DIVERSITY REFLECTS THE COMMUNITY. NOR ANYONE WHO EVEN LIVES IN THE CITY OF DEARBORN. MANY OF YOU ARE MAKING COMMENTS YOU SHOULD NOT MAKE. EAST DEARBORN HAS A VERY HIGH NUMBER OF ARAB AMERICANS. WE HAVE A TOAL OF SIX OR SEVEN OFFICERS WITH ARAB AMERICAN DECENT. AND REMEMBER CORPORAL IBRAHIM DABAJA IS RETIRING SO WE ARE ONE LESS. READ THIS.. In the letter CAAO chairman Allie Berri writes, "We feel that it's vital that our city government employees, fire and police forces reflect the diverse populations they serve. By hiring officers from the community in which they serve, this will allow the police department and the City of Dearborn to better understand and assist residents from various backgrounds and will help to further community relations while building a stronger and more viable coalition between city government and residents." Myself and other people in the community just want are officers to be able to understand the community better. With more Arab American officers in the community. It would help.
Guido Sarducci July 21, 2012 at 09:44 PM
I believe Dearborn's Italian-American population is larger than the Italian-American population of the fire department. Does that mean we have to hire more Italian-American fire fighters?
Guido Sarducci July 21, 2012 at 09:50 PM
"Myself and other people in the community just want are officers to be able to understand the community better." Mo, at what point is it appropriate for "the community" to understand America better? Hezbollah has a huge support base in Dearborn. The United States Of America has designated Hezbollah as a terrorist organization. Know what I mean? Also, it's "our" not "are". Civil service applicants have to pass a reading comprehension test in the American English language. Maybe that's what's holding some of them up. Would you whine if the Bint Jebial police department didn't hire any Jewish-American-Lebanese officers because they failed the Arabic comprehension test?
Bryan August 02, 2012 at 06:12 PM
Great article Jessica! Godspeed to these young men as they begin their journey to protect and serve Dearborn's residents.


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