Dearborn's Woronchak Re-Elected as Chair of Wayne County Commission

Woronchak named finances, and restoring public faith in the county as major goals of this term in office.

Newly re-elected chairman of the Wayne County Commission Gary Woronchak has vowed to resolve the county's budget problems and restore citizens' faith in county government in his latest term in office.

Woronchak (D-Dearborn) was elected at the commission’s organizational meeting Jan. 3 to a second term as chair. The 15 members of the Wayne County Commission elect a chair from among themselves at the beginning of each two-year term of office.

Woronchak was elected to his fifth term on the commission in the Nov. 6 general election.

As chairman, Woronchak is responsible for the commission’s $9.6 million budget and its employees, as well as scheduling and presiding over meetings and appointing members to standing committees and special task forces.

According to a statement from the commission, the Dearborn legislator said the commission’s top priority in the new term is fixing county government’s fiscal problems, which include an accumulated deficit of $160 million and continued overspending despite the county having lost tens of millions of dollars in tax revenue due to property values falling in recent years.

“We can’t continue on the path we’ve been on,” Woronchak said. “We can’t have anyone thinking there is money hidden somewhere, and that overspending doesn’t matter or will be tolerated.

“We can’t have elected officials not taking to each other, or suing each other, we need all of us to come together to adjust Wayne County to the new fiscal reality.

“We owe it to the people of Wayne County to get our fiscal house in order—finally, and once and for all,” Woronchak said.

Woronchak also referred to events of the past two years that have shaken the public’s confidence in county government, including appointees of the administration being arrested and an FBI investigation into county contracts.

“We need to restore our citizens’ faith and trust in Wayne County government,” he said. “The past two years were unlike any we could have imagined and we need to be mindful that the public is expecting, and deserves better.”

The Wayne County Commission is the legislative branch of county government, responsible for approving contracts, enacting ordinances and oversight of the $2 billion county budget.

Woronchak, 57, represents Dearborn and Allen Park in the commission’s 13th District. Prior to being elected to the commission in 2004, he served three terms in the state House of Representatives. Before government service, he worked more than 20 years as a newspaper editor.

laplateau January 08, 2013 at 08:46 PM
My Lord!!. Gary has been on the Commisssion and he, along with all his fellow members, act as if all the corruption that has come to light over 6-8 months is a surprise. Well, maybe it is, but they should have been more involved in the day to day antics of Mr. Ficano and his allies to at least suspect something is wrong. How could they not know about the under-the-table dealings and the exhorbitant salaries and perquisitses FIcano has been handing out for years to his cronies. MacNamara was doing the same thing and I bet Ficano learned well from him. I will never vote for any i ncrease in county millages...it's like throwing more money into the pockets of Ficano and others. No accountability either by Ficano, and certainly not much, if any, from the commission...including Woranchak!


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