Dearborn's Biggest Story of 2012: Selling City Hall

A look back at the issue that got residents talking in 2012.

In Dearborn, 2012 was defined by discussion about local government issues—from new ordinances to budget cuts.

But no issue created more buzz, and more disagreement, than the pending move of Dearborn City Hall to a new location.

Discussion among residents began in January 2012, when it was announced that the City of Dearborn and Dearborn Public Schools were discussing the possibility of combining their operations into joint offices at the old ADP building on Michigan Avenue.

In April, the city signed a letter of intent to sell the current city hall building to Artspace, which intends to turn the space into live-work space for artists.

Then, in May, City Council finalized the purchase of the ADP building for $3.2 million. The move has been vehemently opposed by Council President Tom Tafelski, who has publicly called out the council and Mayor Jack O'Reilly for the decision.

“Yes, it’s going to move forward,” Tafelski said in September, “but people need to show their opposition.”

But while the relocation of city hall continued to move forward, negotiations with Dearborn Public Schools to move their offices to the same building have stalled. The Dearborn Board of Education voted in late November to forgo applying for a joint grant from the state to be used toward moving both entities into the ADP building.

Progress from Artspace has also slowed, as the nonprofit and local partners work to raise funds through grant dollars for the project.

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