Dearborn Rep. Darany Introduces Veteran-Focused Legislation

The bills would make it a crime to falsely claim military status, and allow veteran status on state IDs.

Dearborn state Rep. George Darany this month introduced two pieces of legislation aimed at verifying veteran status.

Darany, who began his second term as state representative in 2013, announced in a statement that the legislation aims to "help protect and assist our veterans."

  • House Bill 4020 would create the "Stolen Valor Law," which would prohibit and penalize the misrepresentation of a person's current or former military status.
  • House Bill 4022 would allow veterans to have "veteran" designation put on their Michigan driver's license or ID card.

Both bills were introduced by Rep. Darany on Jan. 22. House Bill 4020 was referred to the House Committee on Criminal Justice and House Bill 4022 was referred to the House Committee on Military and Veterans Affairs.

The Stolen Valor Act introduced by Darany complements similar federal legislation introduced in U.S. Congress earlier this month.

Both bills aim to stop people from using a false claim of military or veteran status to obtain discounts or special services offered by a number of businesses throughout the country.

Complementing that legislation, HB 4022 would make it easier for Michigan veterans to show their status.

"Our brave military members and veterans have showcased true devotion to our country, and it is imperative that we do everything we can to respond to their needs," Darany said in a statement. "These heroic individuals should not have to face unnecessary obstacles when they have already sacrificed so much to protect our freedoms."

"Michigan is home to more than 650,000 veterans," he added. "These bills will send a clear signal to our military men and women and our veterans that the people of Michigan honor and are truly grateful for their service to our country."

Marium Wilke January 28, 2013 at 06:00 PM
laplateau January 29, 2013 at 03:00 PM
Another typical bit of pandering done by ol' Georgie. George is the epitome of why we need a part time legislature in Lansing. He grasps at straws to introduce meaningless stuff...like his introduction of a law that would make it illegal to have a trailer hitch attached if you don't have a trailer behind you truck or car.. GIVE ME A BREAK! I am a veteran too and am proud to be one, but George should really be more in tune with the rest of the State's problems and doing something about them. I don't need my veteran’s status displayed on my driver's license and don't need a law to prosecute some idiot who wants to say they did something they did not. Now, if he wanted to pass a law that made it illegal to be a state representative, and call themselves a state representative, when in fact they do not represent, I’d support George if it meant we could get him out of office.


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