Dearborn Plows Clear More Than 21 Inches of Snow in January So Far

Snow emergencies declared in the city kept the salt trucks and plows busy.

Photo: City of Dearborn.
Photo: City of Dearborn.

Source: City of Dearborn

The heavy snow and severe cold weather made life miserable for most people this week, but crews from the Department of Public Works did their best to keep traffic flowing safely in harsh conditions.

More than 21 inches of snow has fallen in January already.

Snow emergencies declared in the city kept the salt trucks and plows busy, and cleanup work continued late in the week, because of ongoing troublesome weather conditions or predicted conditions.

With snow depth of as much as 16 inches, at least 34 trucks were engaged in clearing Dearborn’s 288 miles of roads during the peak times for plowing early on Monday morning.

Normally plowing would be followed by salting the next day, but temperatures were too cold on Tuesday for salt to work. That meant crews needed to return to plowing, especially to clear curb lines, a crucial task to allow parking on the street, and to keep catch basins clear.

With a prediction for rain this weekend, the snow accumulation could melt, and catch basins must be free to avoid flooding and possible freezing.

While the city recognizes that snow emergencies are inconvenient for residents, public safety must come first. The City appreciates that the majority of residents cooperated by moving their parked vehicles, but more than 600 tickets were issued during the snow emergency Jan. 5 and Jan. 6.

The police do not want to issue tickets, which cost $80 ($40 if paid within three days).

At times, they can exercise flexibility if residents are trying to comply, but they must balance that discretion with the need to keep roads passable for emergency vehicles and safe for all drivers.

And it is frustrating for residents whose streets cannot be plowed effectively because their neighbors are not following the rules.

Other reminders: Do not throw or shovel snow into the streets when clearing sidewalks and driveways. This exacerbates plowing and leads to more snow being piled up at the curb, onto driveway aprons and covering catch basins.

Residents are also asked to look out for their elderly neighbors and offer to clear their sidewalks and driveways, and check on their well-being.

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