Dearborn 2013 State of the City Full Transcript

Download or read Mayor O'Reilly's full speech on Patch.

Dearborn Mayor Jack O'Reilly gave his 2013 State of the City speech on Wednesday evening at Dearborn City Hall.

He highlighted the successes, issues and plans in four key areas: neighborhoods, day-to-day operations, business districts, and "our collective future."

The speech gave details of the results of some local programs, such as the Neighborhood Stabilization Program, Rental Housing Task Force and shared services efforts.

He also spoke of the city's plan to move its municipal offices to a new building and sell the current City Hall to arts developer Artspace (read the full story here).

You can read the full transcript in the PDFs section of this article, or download it to your computer. Also attached is a 2013 State of the City Fact Sheet.

Want to watch the address? Click here for a list of dates and times it will be shown on CDTV, or visit the City of Dearborn website starting Friday, March 1 to view it online.

Sue Smith March 01, 2013 at 05:25 PM
Funny, how the employees have taken a 10% pay cut, part timers hours are being slashed, services will no loner be available, etc, but the Mayor, City Council and the City Clerk, as well as top executives in most deaprtments, voted themselves in raises. Funny how its ALWAYS the employees doing the work who suffer, and therefore, the customer. I dont see the Mayor filling in for an employee who was forced to have a day off to meet their hour quota, do you?
edward binkley March 19, 2013 at 07:43 PM
then vote for me edward binkley and you will see more than a change I promise to give some of my pay back to start new programs can't tell you here cause the present mayor will steal them like he has stolen my other ideas get me marooned and dearborn who.. you will just have to wait for the campaigning. but if you want to know come volunteer at the museum this is where everyone knows my ideas the volunteers..
edward binkley March 19, 2013 at 07:50 PM
and we need the rental housing task force now. like where I reside with no heat, have to let the water run 20 minutes to get hot water but the landord wants his due. if not he will kick you out. where is the mayor. why isn't there a priority list for such things to get into the city housing when you apply? Why can't our citizens get any help? And neighborhoods look a east dearborn it is dirty and tall grass and trash and reminds me of detroit. But doe the mayor care now I dont think so all he caresd about is downtown Dearborn.So when you see me in Landlord tenant court then you know I lived with No Heat at the Kelly Apartments in Downtown Dearborn and got now help from the task force. In which motivates me even more to run for mayor..


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