Customer Assistance Lines Accompany West Dearborn’s Parking Pay Stations

Motorists will have the opportunity to contact customer service representatives by phone or email.

Photo courtesy of city of Dearborn
Photo courtesy of city of Dearborn

Customers using west downtown Dearborn’s four new higher-tech multi-space pay stations have the ability to contact customer service representatives via phone or email at any time to address parking questions or concerns.

These digital pay stations were installed May 19 and have temporarily replaced the aging parking meters during a 90-120 day pilot program in Parking Lot H. Lot H is south of West Village Drive, between Monroe and Mason.

Republic Parking, which manages the system, has posted an email address and a phone number at each of the pay stations to assist users.

The number for pay station customer service is (734) 548-6211, and the email address is dearborn@rpsmonitoring.com.

Any of the four stations can take payment for any of the 271 parking spots in Lot H. Time can be easily added.

The multi-space pay stations can take payment via credit cards, coins, bills, smart cards, value cards, coupons and Pay-by-Phone.

During the pilot period, the existing meters in Lot H have been covered with a numbered plastic bag to identify the parking space number so that customers can enter that number at any of the four pay stations.

Source: City of Dearborn

M. Imsosure May 30, 2014 at 09:56 AM
I have found a perfect solution to the parking problems in west Dearborn I just don't shop or eat there. Empty buildings and constantly changing businesses are mostly due to the failed parking system forced on us. I live in WD and do my business elsewhere.
Joseph Borrajo May 30, 2014 at 03:51 PM
Paid parking meters was a pariah in south Dearborn in the 1950s. No one paid, and anytime the parking meter attendant would show up, a number of individuals, including business owners, would rush out and put coins into the meters. That's one way of a collaborative effort to beat the system. P3
T as in Truth May 31, 2014 at 06:21 AM
Joseph and ISS - You two are both on the money. I will add that I avoid even driving Michigan Ave both east and west sides. At one time the lights were syncd to avoid traveling from one red light to the next. I'm so sure that imsosure is correct. People quit coming and businesses failed.
T as in Truth May 31, 2014 at 06:37 AM
Kaseys salad bar, Cheli's chili, Kow Loon, Dearborn Music, Cameo Bridal, Brothers Tuxedo, Value Land, Jacobsons, Silky's, etc are all gone. Hell, I hear Sacred Heart's school is in trouble too (pun intended). I really don't care who is responsible for the traffic lights and the parking meters. Dearborn's leaders need to take the lead to get these issues resolved. Yes I too live in WD and what I see is a shadow of its former self.


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