City Taking Proposals on Redevelopment of La Shish/Talal Building

Proposals are due May 1 in the latest project in the revitalization of the west downtown commercial district.

The city of Dearborn is taking applications for redevelopment of the fomrer La Shish/Talal property at 22039-41 Michigan Ave.
The city of Dearborn is taking applications for redevelopment of the fomrer La Shish/Talal property at 22039-41 Michigan Ave.

The city of Dearborn is taking proposals to redevelop a building that once housed the La Shish/Talal restaurants as part of its continued revitalization of the west downtown commercial district.

In March, the city made available for sale a desirable 70 foot by 116 foot vacant lot in the west downtown for the development of a commercial project that will spur additional activity in the business district. Those proposals are due April 24, with a minimum bid of $20,000, with other qualifications required.

Now the city is offering properties at 22039-41 Michigan Avenue (the former La Shish/Talal restaurant buildings.) Proposals are due May 1. Minimum bid is for $200,000. Other qualifications apply.

The former restaurant properties include two buildings that are interconnected and offer about 10,000 square feet on a site of 13,200 square feet.

All Michigan Avenue properties offered for sale by the city have the advantage of being in Dearborn’s west downtown, a traditional, walkable destination with historic significance and the site of more than $100 million in new investment in the last 20 years.

The nationwide financial crisis in 2008 slowed momentum in the district, but recent opportunities have positioned the district for the next wave of redevelopment.

The city acquired the Michigan Avenue properties from Wayne County through the foreclosure process.  Another property on Michigan Avenue offered for sale under similar circumstances now is the focus of hotel project, along with several new restaurants and businesses.

Those submitting proposals for Michigan Avenue property will be able to take advantage of infrastructure improvements to the district, including the resurfacing of Michigan Avenue, the redesign and resurfacing of all City-owned parking areas in the district, upgrades to a popular and well-used pedestrian and bicycle path, and the construction of a new intermodal passenger rail station.

It is one of the busiest commercial districts in southeast Michigan, and is close to the Southfield Freeway. There are 50,000 vehicles per day on Michigan  Avenue and about 100,000 vehicles per day on the Southfield Freeway that travel near this property.

The district is also close to Ford World Headquarters, Fairlane Town Center, the University of Michigan-Dearborn and Henry Ford Community College.

Notably, The Henry Ford: America’s Greatest History Attraction is adjacent to the business district, and it attracts nearly 2 million visitors per year, as the largest tourist destination in the state.   

Those interested in developing Michigan Avenue property should know that while the submitted price will be one factor, the design and catalytic integrity of the proposed redevelopment, financial capacity and redevelopment experience of the project team, and the ability to complete the project according to the city’s schedule are even more important criteria.

Interested developers are asked to contact Purchasing Agent Rae Townsel at 313-943-2209 or email her at rtownsel@ci.dearborn.mi.us for details and an information packet.

Also, the complete Request for Proposals for 22039-41 Michigan Avenue (due May 1) and Request for Proposals for 22190 Michigan Avenue (due April 24) can be found on the City of Dearborn’s website, www.cityofdearborn.org, under the Economic and Community Development Department.

Luther's Fan April 15, 2014 at 09:10 AM
Just give me back the Princeton/Snow Branch library.
Marium Wilke April 15, 2014 at 10:07 AM
Right on Pam..! This starting with Mayor Guido's plan..It has not been a successful adventure...Roll in the economy...Retail has changed..It's all in the strip malls...Retail doesn't think Dearborn is the place to be...The gigantic parking lot that is never used...It's scary to go in there..What a waste of cement....It has not brought to much but a semi food court... If you look at Northville, Novi, Plymouth....They have food courts too...They are just larger and bigger business....Our city had been changed and there for the fabric has been faded...We need to strengthen it and make a city worth investing into...It begins with us.
DBN Citizen April 15, 2014 at 11:24 AM
Marium, you got it right… it begins with us! So instead of complaining & stating the obvious, let's suggest thoughtful/positive solutions to improve our downtown district!!! Let our city councilmen know what we want! Revitalizing the downtown will not be quick or easy process, but without citizen support & dedication it will be doomed. The downtown first began to decline when Fairlane Mall was built & robbed our downtown from the significant customer base it needed to support the district- not unique to Dearborn, it happened across the nation. And then the economic recession hit and crippled the development market, but that has finally bottomed out & it is turning around. Current development trends are towards compact, appealing/unique aesthetic character & walkable districts (opposite of strip malls… yuck!) – and even in cold climates! This is what a huge percentage of the population wants! Let's get Dearborn (& Michigan as a whole) caught up!
Rich Margittay April 15, 2014 at 11:29 AM
Desperate real estate con-job. The picture is of a different building. The description of the district is not accurate. It appears that the mayor must have suspended Dearborn's fraud ordinance (again).
Marium Wilke April 15, 2014 at 12:46 PM
Good eye Rich..We couldn't figure out where this was... Drbn Citizen..Thank you..But take a look at are walkable Buisnesses. ..I'll give you two that need some serious work..Rotunda and Greenfield and a big one Fairlane Meadows...The old saying You attract who you are...Do you think they could slum these places in Plymouth?...Why here?...What's wrong here? NOTHING!..This city needs to make it known we don't want your buisness if your going to trash our city...The people in Dearborn that want and deserve better don't need you here!..


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