City of Dearborn Seeks Final Input on Train Station District Design

A final plan for the area is expected to be presented this spring.

The City of Dearborn is inviting residents to give their final input on ideas for the district surrounding the new Intermodal Passenger Rail Station.

Public sessions were held in January to allow stakeholders to review different concepts for Transit-Oriented Development, which seeks to capitalize on the new train station’s ability to draw more visitors, businesses and residents to Dearborn’s west downtown. 

Through a grant awarded the city from MIPlace Partnership, planners from Michigan State University and experts from the Michigan Municipal League and the Michigan State Housing Development Authority are assisting city staff and stakeholders with creating a vision for the neighborhoods, parkland and business area near the train station.

The train station is scheduled to open by early 2014. Through this visioning process, steps can be taken over the next year to set in place future development to accommodate elements determined important by Dearborn stakeholders, such as bike paths and fresh housing opportunities.

Residents, business owners and other Dearborn stakeholders are encouraged to continue to review the concepts presented and send their thoughts to City Planner Liz Hendley at ehendley@ci.dearborn.mi.us by Feb. 15.

“Your ideas can help the city plan for future development that will create a unique sense of place in the residential neighborhoods, business district and parkland near the train station,” the city announced in a statement encouraging participation.

An overview of the plan

The entire TOD Neighborhood Visioning Plan can be viewed and downloaded from this page on Dearborn Patch, or from the City of Dearborn website.

Here’s a look at some of the ideas presented:

Key design elements emerging from the study found that the TOD neighborhood should include:

  • Green space, including increased use for bicycling and walking, as well as visual greening
  • Respect for history and heritage, but also innovation
  • Art and beautification
  • Year-round use of space

Participants in the January forums were asked to choose between two varying concepts, as well as evaluate different images for what the west Dearborn district might include.

Concept A

  • Move car dealerships on Michigan Avenue
  • Incorporate “complete streets” on Michigan Avenue
  • Revitalize West Village/Newman Street
  • Create “interpretive nature path” around pond just south of train tracks

Concept B

  • Landscaping on Michigan Avenue
  • High-density development near the train station
  • Modification of car dealerships
  • Full pedestrian access on Newman Street
  • Create “entertainment district” near pond

Questions to consider

  1. What are your thoughts about each of the concepts?
  2. Do you have a preferred concept?
  3. What elements do you like?
  4. What elements are missing?
R. EALLY February 05, 2013 at 08:35 PM
Agreed! Spend the money on something usefull like the new animal shelter that has been on the table for years.... the new train station is just a waste our tax money by the government..
laplateau February 05, 2013 at 08:38 PM
Sorry for lashing out R...I am mad that our "leaders" here simply ignore our end of town. The attitide I get so much from west enders is just one of absolute indifference to anything but that end of town. We always seem to et tne short end of the stick. Again, sorry for being so mean spirited towards your comment.
laplateau February 05, 2013 at 08:41 PM
Andrea...you are right. What's this all about other than spending tax dollars. I thought I read they have received a grant to study all this. A grant to local politicians means free money to them...but they never seems to realize that grant money comes from tax dollars...maybe not local tax dollars, but tax dollars nonetheless!
R. EALLY February 05, 2013 at 09:05 PM
Even without alot of city and government $$ if you look at all the development that has gone on lately, shops, restaurants and tons of thriving strip malls, I think if we look at all the improvements that have taken place in the east end and the overall appearance of the east end I think it far out weighs what has been accomplished in the west end, and the redeveopment of the Wards site has been great... unfortunately most cities only have one downtown, and in our case it is in the west end...
Lee Jacobsen February 05, 2013 at 10:57 PM
lap, right now the improvements, if you can call them that, are happening with the train station as a focal point, and that happens to be located in the West end. We can focus on the East end when the city hall makes it's move, another way to spend money, needless but already committed so we are stuck doing the move. Think of all the improvements rallying around the new Art mall in the near future. Regarding slowing down Michigan ave , Mdot can approve or disapprove, but they are not clairvoyant. Other communities such as Wayne have successfully reduced the lanes and speed limits on Michigan Ave, and so can Dearborn if they take the time to at least consider it. Forget Garrison etc as a byway. All we are doing is slowing down a road, and adding safety to downtown Dearborn once again. Donna, you mention that Mdot has already made up their mind. From what data? I thought this was the 'toss out the ideas stage and everything was on the table'. MDot needs to explain itself or at least convey its reasoning so others not so well informed as you have a clue as to why they don't want to slow it down, especially as we have Ford Rd, and I-94 both as by-ways for those who simply must rush to get to Detroit and can't be bothered to have any interference. Grand River happens to be major road through Farmington, and yet MDot has no issues with a 25 mph limit, parallel parking, and crosswalks every half block with mandatory stopping for pedestrians. It can be done.
edward binkley February 06, 2013 at 12:44 AM
i think that we should put a diner on the corner of the garrison lot backing up to the property line of the andiamos steak house call it the Bark Covered House Cafe be open 24 hours split profits with the museum make at least 20 parking spaces and leave the north west area of where les stanford is a park and call it Memorial park then you can move the veterans monuments and wall there and people can come and pay there respects to the soldiers that were lost in the various battles from the span-american war civilwar to the present
laplateau February 06, 2013 at 12:46 AM
Slowing down Michigan Ave? Huh? Gee, most anytime going through the west end on Michigan I don't think I ever get over 30-35 MPH, what with all the traffic and the stop lights at EVERY intersection. The right -most lane is always held up with people making right hand turns. I don't think anyone can possibly speed through that area. And as Andrea says above, what's so complicated here. Why all these ancillary improvements that really don't have much to do with a train station? And Lee, I don't have any of the optimistic hopes as you do regarding the Art Space deal. If I am not mistaken, Art Space is funded through grants and federal dollars, and perhaps other public sources too. That's just our diverted tax dollars, not something generated trough the private sector and any individual entrepreneurial efforts. The redeveloped Wards property is nothing to attract foot traffic and generate any draw to that area. It's just a clinic, not something to be any great attraction for shopping, dining, etc. The parking lots in east end business districts are horrible with broken asphalt. weeds, and debris. Just compare that to the developed areas in the west and I don't see any equality. The Community and Economic Development Dept. has allowed so many businesses to deteriorate and have not enforced our building and maintenance codes. This is no way to induce other businesses to improve and invest.
Lee Jacobsen February 06, 2013 at 04:36 AM
lap, 30-35 mph is still too fast, the idea is to entice shoppers to come to both East and West Dearborn, can't do that if it is enticing only commuters who just want to speed through Dearborn to go somewhere else, which is usually Detroit. The idea is to improve Michigan ave, but make it serve our city, instead of having it divide our city by being just another fast road that no one thinks, like you do, is fast enough in the first place. In that case, slow it down to 25 mph, add 15 min free parking, chase away the commuter traffic and attract shopper traffic, and open up the sidewalks and front doors once again. If it works for Grand River ave and the city of Farmington, it can work here as well. New shops need a reason to want to move here, to take a risk, and that means shops need customers. Right now customer access only via the back door is not working out, not worth the risk, so unless you really like what we have now, a change is obviously needed. There is a reason those folk are making those right hand turns that bother you, to find a parking spot behind the stores. Better they block you in front while parallel parking, but keep in mind that they are shoppers, not commuters, so have patience as they are spending $$ in Dearborn, not just passing through. There must be some store owners that see the light. Regarding Art space, private businesses such as starving artists need seed money, and, once launched, some may actually succeed. Do you have a shop?
Lee Jacobsen February 06, 2013 at 04:43 AM
Ed, are you going to open the cafe? It's your idea so you have first dibs to make it happen. The monuments belong at the new city hall, and Les Stanford needs to rent vettes to train communters, and sell cars, pay taxes, and thus do his share.
Lee Jacobsen February 06, 2013 at 05:16 AM
R.eally, The east end has always been downtown, that is where the city hall has been for decades, and we all know the city hall is near the middle of downtown. That is where the Dearborn parade ends. The West end usuallly just gets a wink of attention once in awhile, an afterthought , and now, that something is happening that is West end, feathers fly. We have the opportunity to do a unique experiment. Slow down Michigan Ave going through West Dearborn, and speed up Mich ave going through East Dearborn. Let's see where the folk with money to risk opening shops on Michigan ave decide to locate. I suspect the traffic in East Dearborn will make the Ferrari driver in this video seem slow, as he speeds across Paris in 8 minutes at 3AM , breaks all kinds of laws, just to do some shopping in the early hours in East Dearborn. A fun classic video for car buffs. http://www.myspace.com/video/chris/ferrari-tearing-through-paris-wmv/4521542
Jean Joseph February 06, 2013 at 07:03 AM
I have never enjoyed reading so much, lol I agree with it all negative n positive. All jokeing aside the dealership has been there longer than some of are residents are old and the train station for all its intended for dose not need to exstend more than what land has been set aside for it and are weather is not one that allows for for all the extras we want to close pools librarys closed not enough money stop the nonsense
laplateau February 06, 2013 at 12:49 PM
So Lee...you truyly think 30-35 MPH is "speeding through town"? I know why people may n be tryning right is to find parking spaces, but as I said, it also slows traffic down...one of ylour goals. And, the commuter traffic you want to "chase" away are also potential shoppers as well. If you chase more traffic away there will certainly much less exposure to the businesses that are there. Truly, that part of town would have to become a "destination" because there would be less awareness of what is there by the casual passerby. And, what is that now but a lot of bars and more restaurants? By the way, to what extent would you propose to create a 25 MPH speed limit.....only Brady to Westborn....again not considering the businesses in the east end of town, but ONLY in our sacred west end? The only place one can go fast on Michigan Ave is from Andiamo's to Greenfield. Slowing down the west end, narrowing the street to tarffic, providing parking at curbside, eliminating the left trun lane, would really create the very small end of a funnel and push people away.
laplateau February 06, 2013 at 01:18 PM
Lee...you HAVE to be joking! You say "The West end usually just gets a wink of attention once in a while, an afterthought". That is truly incredulous! The west end has been the focsal point of attention since the original "Super Block" fiasco under Guido's tenure. That was in the early 80's for crying out loud. Since then it was followed by Super Block ii with the purchase of Jacobson's, all the parking lot improvements, parking structures, streetscaping, etc. In their inept attempts at real estate developments, the city has been involved with poorly selected developers that have never came close to producing the results that were promised and have defaulted leaving the city holding an empty hat. Hakim Fakhoury is one, Burton/Katzman another. And, where is the Farmer's Market, Art in the Park, Homecoming, where Dearborn Garden Club plants flowers, etc. Yes,the east end has received some attention in regard to the Civic center expansion, but again, something that was supposed to be in the 20 million range that ended up in the 40 million range. And,the the Disc skating rink expansion that took away a substantial part of Ford Woods park for asphalt parking lot, removal of our sledding hill, loss of ball diamonds, and now with thoughts of privatizing it's operations because it has never produced the income for sustainability on its own. I am speaking of improving infrastructure for our east end business district that will help the private sector to make their own improvements
Lee Jacobsen February 06, 2013 at 07:47 PM
lap, obviously we have both been involved with Dearborn for many decades, I helped teach the directors of the DISC (Shannon and Holly) how to skate when tykes, and they went on to teach me to skate even better. Skated there when just a flooded field, and every stage of the Disc's development. Do you realize private money built the first enclosed rink, and Dearborn residents got to skate on one half, and the daughter of the benefactors on the other half, separated by pylons? Eventually the city bought them out. Anyway, East Dearborn is important, but the train station is West Dearborn, so it is on the table. My flag waving is for slowing West Dearborn traffic, driving away commuters who don't want anything more than to get through Dearborn to go somewhere else. The byways are Ford and I-94 for them to use. Folk going to Ypsi from Detroit don't bother going through Dbn. and Wayne, they take I-94, right? They are not shoppers, they are commuters. West Dearborn, and it's stores, want shoppers. Stores will not come unless shoppers come. Commuters are not really shoppers. Their goal is different. Commute to somewhere. Dearborn residents will travel to West Dearborn via bike ,car, walk, etc to shop, eat, and have fun. Shops will love the business. 25mph is max, how else can folk jaywalk across the street safely? Of course, pedestrian walks will fix the concern, stopping traffic even more. West Dbn will flourish. E. Dbn, your call. fast or slow or status quo?
laplateau February 06, 2013 at 08:44 PM
Lee, I would love for you and I to agree more often, but the idea of "driving away commuters who don't want anything more than to get through Dearborn to go somewhere else" just does not seem right. Your alternatives are to push them to 1-94 or Ford Rd. I don't think many people traveling that route would find it more convenient to use i-94 for sure. And, for those that would want to go anywhere west (or east) of this area, would have to take quite a detour using Ford Road, or clog Michigan Ave. even more. Michigan is a state highway, used by all state residents and all state residents bear the costs of repair and maintenance. Until, Dearborn wants to take on that financial burden, I don’t think we have the right to choke the traffic such that it inhibits people as much as you are suggesting.
laplateau February 06, 2013 at 08:44 PM
Traffic just DOES not travel fast on Michigan Ave, in west Dearborn, unless perhaps it's very late at night or very early in the morning when businesses are closed anyway. Also, jaywalking is illegal anyway, as I am sure you know, and there are traffic lights at every corner for pedestrians to cross safely. And, why as a Dearborn resident do you say " E. Dbn, your call. fast or slow or status quo?That is the dismissive, divisive and parochial attitude I hate to see. We should have concerns about Dearborn as a whole and not just in self-interested slices. I love the west end of town and want to see businesses thrive, but I can’t agree your suggestions are the way to go about it.
edward binkley February 06, 2013 at 09:32 PM
there is no memorial for the veterans of any war before world war 1 so whats up with that.. if i had the cash flow i would in deed build the cafe because people get of the train or bus will be looking for a place to eat you have any bright ideas lee and the city makes its money back plus you don't have an empty lot
edward binkley February 06, 2013 at 09:41 PM
people may even come back to the restraunts if there are no parking meters at all! I plan on eliminating them who wants to pay for an hour go into a restruant want 1/2 hour to order have to eat your food fast and still find a ticket on your car when you leave the place of business not you or anyone why should you go to the barber and have to pay additional money to get a hair cut. why should the business have to reserve so many meters for there clients if there not busy. so lets trash these metal eating beasts and vote for me as mayor
Lee Jacobsen February 06, 2013 at 11:20 PM
Lap, I am for improving all of Dearborn, but right now we are discussing the West side and the train station area. When the Art Center takes over city hall, then the East side gets addressed. Fast slow, status quo means just that, both East and West Dearborn have a unique personality, and what works for one shopping concept may not work for the other. I would like to keep East and West on even par if possible. Southfield however, is a fact of life. Perhaps just allowing 15 or 30 minute free parallel parking on either side, and leave the speed limit alone would be a compromise, Wayne seems to get away with that approach. That way, if folk want to travel Mich ave and allow for a slow commute, they will be happy. The parallel parking will make shops happy, and that is what I am trying to encourage, more shop owners willing to take a chance. Right now, with access only to the rear, it is just not worth the investment, unless its a bar or food place, which is usually not an impulse buy anyway. Perhaps more angled parking like near Mongolians, close enough to Michigan ave to see the stores, but off the main road. That area is always packed, cars trolling for parking spots. Can it be because the parking is free? By the stores? You bet! Who wants to spend bucks in a parking garage 100 feet away when you are picking up flowers, or a Jimmy John's, 5 minute max impulse fast buys. lap, if you were a store owner on Mich ave, what would you want?? Customer access!!
Lee Jacobsen February 06, 2013 at 11:31 PM
Ed, perhaps we don't have any WWI vets from Dearborn, vets always seem to take care of their own, so perhaps some will address the issue. Regarding parking meters, make them easier to use, and folk will be more likely to use them. I am sure there is an app for cell phones and parking meters, and making some sort of scan payment. Coins are archaic, right now it costs two cents to make a penny, and they are not even copper anymore. See here for details. http://www.snopes.com/business/money/pennycost.asp
laplateau February 07, 2013 at 01:32 PM
Lee, you and I seem to have been around Dearborn for quite some time. I can agree with you about that. But, allowing parking on Michigan Ave would never create sufficient spaces to make much of a difference. You refer to "shop owners"....most are bars or restaurants...not the little quint and quirky things you might find in main tourist attractions. And why just 15-30 minute parking? I don't frequent that part of town a whole lot, but it seems to me you now have at least a 15 minute free period in the pay lots directly behind the "shops" you refer to. Wayne is not much of an apple to apple comparison either. They have widely separated one-way east and west bound travel through the main part of the city. There is no choking down on the lanes of travel. Your ideas of no left turn lane, parallel parking for both east and west lanes would truly inhibit all traffic, especially emergency vehicles...EMS, police, and fire...not to mention, as I said before, creating a funnel effect with Michigan Ave. becoming the small part of the funnel.
laplateau February 07, 2013 at 02:25 PM
Paid parking has been a thorny issue since it was first proposed. The fact remains, however, that there has to be a revenue source to maintain the parking lots. Prior to paid parking, the city and merchants had to fund that effort totally through citywide tax revenues and assessments to the merchants. With paid parking, the funding burden is being spread out to include the users of the parking areas as well. Take a look at the city parking lots in the east end. Look at the area east of Schaeffer and north of Michigan Ave. That area is horrendous in appearance and maintenance. I would certainly support paid parking if this area could begin to look like those paid parking lots in the west end. The comparison between the two certainly gives the appearance of preferential treatments. and you can quiickly see the differences between that in the west end.
Aridog February 07, 2013 at 03:54 PM
IMO Seymore Poon and lapateau have said it all, very well, on this thread, so no need for me to write one of my verbose comments. I'll just say: We do not need any more vast projects based upon half vast ideas formulated by politicians that, in fact would tear down tax paying organization(s), for kumbaya silliness that is dependent upon grants and other people's money. Paid parking has already made West Dearborn a Saturday/Sunday only destinaiton for me ... no need to further screw it up.
Lee Jacobsen February 07, 2013 at 04:37 PM
Lap, the idea is to get away from the 'most are bars and restaurants' concept and allow more impulse type shops into the mix for consumers to choose from. We used to have an ice cream shop on Michigan ave. Gone. Not worth the trouble for shoppers to pull in back, find a parking spot, walk half a block to the shop, and then buy a cone. With 15 to 30 minute parallel parking right on Mich ave, folk would simply pull in , buy a cone, and take off. With 30 minutes free parking, they could do the same and enjoy the cone while watching the Michigan traffic jams of customers trying to access the additional shops available. We see similar shops in the aisles in malls, impulse buys. Commuters may even stop. They won't if they have to park in back. Not unless they intend to drink or dine, which takes us back to exactly what we have now, mostly bars and restaurants, as they are the only business models that seem to work with the current configuration of Michigan ave traffic. A change to something like what is done at Mongolians, Jimmy Johns, Men's warehouse for parking would be a compromise and improvement , and still allow Michigan traffic to flow. That something is angled parking just off of Michigan ave, but it would need to be for new construction, not the existing store fronts that exist now. They would need parallel parking. What did we have in the 50s? Worked then, why not now.?? There are pics in Buddy's that show a different era.
laplateau February 07, 2013 at 04:51 PM
Lee, I still, don't see how making Michigan Ave. much narrower and with more parking is in anyway going to result in a more diverse type of shopping area. Just because someone can park in front of the business instead of the back will not cause a new variety of shops to open up and create some sort of Birmingham and Royal Oak magnet. The ice cream shop I remember was down across from what it now the Goodwill, with plenty of free parking. That is still there and the ice cream shop is gone. That doesn't equate with your perspective. I have only been to Royal Oak a couple of times, and not recently, but it seems to me they had paid parking all over the place and still thrives. I agree that it would be nice to have all those quaint little shops you refer to, but that is something the private sector determines and those entrepreneurs that operate within it. Parking in front or back doesn’t have much to do with it. If they build or open something that people want and see as unique, they will come and parking in front of back will have little to do with it.
edward binkley February 07, 2013 at 09:38 PM
shes talking about the cold stone that was on michigan ave. Look lets get down to the bottom of this after all, I have done alot of traveling in the past several years and the first thing i want when i stop whether it is a layover or my destination is a good meal even at 11:00 pm. And If I were voted in as mayor I would get rid of these parking meters in which if 1 part of the city got them then both should of had them! so to be fair neither gets them.. I would make sure that there was equal recreational facilities on both sides of the city east and west pools parks, and libraries a place where kids can have fun.Because they will remember what the city did for them when they were young and raise there children hereYou have the National Arabic museum in the east end and the The dearborn and the henry ford on the west. Now wouldn't it be nice if we could get both ends to agree on ways to support and take care of our great city and help each other instead of fight over who has what I will make sure we all have same it will be equal no rich versus poor areas everyone will be treated equal!! Now laplateau what kind of negative feedback do you have for me today and lee also My family has been here for over 100 years my ggrandmother had to clean rooms at the old wagner hoteI have been called frugal and you all think I have rocks in my head. But what really has this mayor Orielly or this council done for the city but waste money.
Lee Jacobsen February 07, 2013 at 11:49 PM
lap, I agree with you that "would be nice to have all those quaint little shops you refer to, but that is something the private sector determines and those entrepreneurs that operate within it." rings true, but look at what you said. The private sector has the risk & say-so, and they say nix to quaint little shops as it is too hard to access them. What do the communities that have these quaint little shops have that is different than Dbn? One obvious difference is parallel parking in all cases on the main road.. Dearborn has none, or at the most, limited parallel parking . The other communities have much lower speed limits. Ours is 35mph. Perhaps we can't make all the changes, but if we make no changes to attract quaint little shops, they will simply go elsewhere. Many have done just that. Do you like what we have now? The quaint little shops voted with their feet. Parking in front or back makes all the difference in the world to a shop owner. Think about it. It's customer convenience. Want a Bigby coffee? It is easier to park in front, dash in, dash out, and be on your way. Why do fast food places have drive thru windows? Convenience. The Dunkin' Donuts would still be around if there was parallel parking. Parking in back, in a parking lot, for a minor item is a waste of time for most folks when they can have the option to park in front. Otherwise, why do the other towns have quaint shops, we don't, and the difference is parallel parking in front?
laplateau February 08, 2013 at 12:15 AM
Lee, there is NO way anyone is going to convince me that a 25 MPH speed limit and parallel parking is going to do anything but make any passage though west Dearborn intolerable. It is a state road...it is there to use as a state road. It is not ours to make into a bottle neck for our own perceived benefit. I go back to what I said to another writer….we have a complimentary period to park behind the building to “dash in, dash out, and be on your way.” I do that now all the time when I go to the Wine Merchant. And, if I am there a bit longer, they validate my ticket. I have no idea what makes you people think that the quaint little shops will pour in if we only choke Michigan Ave and provide some parallel parking. Where do you get that analogy? If anything, I bet those communities you refer to had the quaint shops come first, then made other changes afterward…not the other way around. I bet the chicken came before the egg. Also, it seems to me that all the money and resources that went into the transformation of the west end was done with the thought in mind those efforts would do what you say you want there now. It just didn’t materialize. You are grasping at straws,…if only we lower the speed limit, if only we take out the left turn lane, if only do this or if only we do that, the magic wand will appear and, POOF. Nope, I don’t buy it…we need that chicken first.
Lee Jacobsen February 14, 2013 at 10:12 PM
Lap, do you like what we have now with respect to the business shop mix in Dearborn? Most folk do not. What is the reason those quaint shops don't want to locate on Michigan Ave? Lack of customer access and convenience. Michigan Ave is a state road, and the speed limit can be changed, and the lanes modified to provide better customer access to shops . Traveling slower through Dearborn will save lives, save businesses, and will be a change for the better. Right now, we have vacant store fronts, and are doing nothing to change the scenario. Quaint shops just don't POOF into existence unless there is a reason to be optimistic that business will be good. Quaint shops are not found on fast roads like Michigan ave unless impulse parking is available. Who ever transformed the West end must have been asleep at the switch, as businesses that tried to open found no customers. So, do you just 'give up' or try another approach.? Lap, you can call it grasping at straws, but until we find your chicken, it is better to do something, than complain about the current business climate and do nothing.
laplateau February 15, 2013 at 12:32 PM
Lee...You have been watching Field of Dreams WAY to often and that little catchy part of the script writers dialog that is spoken from an echoing mystical voice in the clouds saying, "Build it and they will come” seems to be also echoing in your head to the point you really believe it. News flash, Lee...that was fantasy, not reality. Maybe you can convince Kevin Costner to come to town and see if he can work his movie fantasy magic on Michigan Ave. and we can see the quaint shops appearing out of the corn fields. Oh, wait, we don't have any corn fields here do we? Well, let's not allow that deter us from any realism. Let's just roll the dice here and hope if we spend millions of dollars (we don't have, by the way) narrow down Michigan Ave to just two lanes, no left turn lane, use that space to widen the sidewalks 3X , remove meters so now either the merchants or the city (you and I and anyone else living in Dearborn) have to pay for all that parking lot maintenance, and let your gambling addiction mindset to rule out logic, hoping those dice don’t roll out to be snake eyes. Gee, do we have to wake up now? Your Yaya land is soooooo, ah, what’s the word here…unrealistic/ Pollyannaish? Starry-eyes hopeful?


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