Artspace Project Moves Forward With Search for Architects

The design phase of the project will be supported by grant and East Dearborn DDA funding.

Representatives from the national Artspace initiative were in Michigan last week as the arts-based real estate developer and local partners begin the search for an architectural firm that will begin the design phase of the Dearborn project.

The project, set to be located in what is now , could provide live-work space for more than 30 local artists, based on a survey by Artspace. The city in April approved a letter of intent to negotiate the sale of the building to Artspace.


According to Senior Vice President of Consulting and Strategic Partnerships Wendy Holmes, the building could also include a performance space in what is now the City Council Chambers, and gallery area in the hallways.

Holmes and Vice President of Properties Heidi Kurtze met with officials, as well as local artists and community members, last Wednesday.

Holmes explained that Artspace is looking to apply for funding assistance from the Michigan State Housing Development Authority by February of 2013 as one of several funders of Dearborn's project.

Assembling financing for the multi-million dollar project, she added, is "the lion's share" of the project at this time.

The architectural work will be funded partially by from the National Endowment for the Arts, as well as a matching amount from the EDDDA's own coffers.

City authorization of the DDA's piece of the funding is on the Dearborn City Council agenda for this Tuesday.

Rich September 15, 2012 at 03:16 AM
It would be nice if any of the DDA's $ were actually spent on promoting the areas. Something like a ton of the other communities' DDA's do. But, alas, Dearborn knows the best way to use our money.
Sharon Murphy September 16, 2012 at 07:12 PM
You write for people who seem to know an awful lot. Please name who is the arts space realtor/developer and who are the local partners? List the members of the East Dearborn Development Authority and why is it called "East Dearborn", and not just plain 'ol "Dearborn". Are these people appointed or elected? If appointed, by whom? What are the qualifications for such an august group? Or is this a topic for a separate story? Do you plan to address "Mg's" comment?
Bob September 17, 2012 at 03:01 AM
East Dearborn Downtown Development Authority http://www.eastdowntowndearborn.com/ Board of Directors John Morgan Jr. Chair Midwestern Dental Plans Dan Merritt Vice-Chair Green Brain Comics J. Scott Saionz Secretary/Treasurer President; Georgetown Commons Board of Directors Patrick Allison VPSI Parking Paul Flowers Blick Art Materials Mark G. Guido City of Dearborn Jay Kruz Retro Image Antiques Judith McNeeley Oakwood Healthcare, Inc John B. O’Reilly Jr. Mayor STAFF Michael Bewick Executive Director Melissa Kania Executive Assistant mkania@ci.dearborn.mi.us
Bob September 17, 2012 at 03:04 AM
I see there is a small story about Art Space on the EDDDA's Web site dated 7/9/12 that says Mayor O'Reilly "just recently visited Minneapolis, Minnesota to see the project in the works for himself". I wonder who paid for that trip and how much it cost? This is the first I've heard of this trip.
Donna Hay September 17, 2012 at 07:49 PM
This was approved by the council. Tom Tafelski request a vote and he was the only one that voted against the city matching the $75,000.00!


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