2013 Dearborn Primary Results

Get updated results for the mayoral, clerk and city council races as they come in.

Roughly 19 percent of Dearborn's registered voters came out to the polls on Tuesday to vote in the city's primary election.
Roughly 19 percent of Dearborn's registered voters came out to the polls on Tuesday to vote in the city's primary election.
Dearborn residents headed to the polls Tuesday to vote in the first round of elections for the city's mayor, clerk and city council.

The crowded ballot featured 30 candidates. City Clerk Kathleen Buda reported that voter turnout at the majority of Dearborn's 55 precincts was lighter than previous elections.

According to information provided by the city, of the 61,120 registered voters, 11,795 ballots were counted, or roughly 19 percent.

In the mayoral race, incumbent John B. O'Reilly, Jr. received the lion's share of votes at 8,592. Challenger Edward Binkley came in second with 989 votes and will face O'Reilly in November's election.

Buda received 7,291, or 67 percent of the votes, in the clerk's race. She will face Khalil Dakhlallah, who received 2,190 votes, in November.

The 14 city council candidates moving on in November from the pool of 21 primary challengers include: Council President Thomas Tafelski (5,637 votes), Mike Sareini (5,302 votes), Susan Dabaja (4,696), Patrick Melton (4,321 votes), Mark Shooshanian (4,302 votes), Brian O'Donnell (4,237 votes), Robert Abraham (4,057 votes), David Bazzy (4,005 votes), Tarek Baydoun (3,308 votes), Sharon Dulmage (3,258 votes), Jane Ahern (3,013 votes), Kristyn Taylor (2,277 votes), Colette Richards (2,172 votes), and Stephen Dobkowski, Jr. (2,161 votes).

You can read more about the candidates in our voter's guide.
Concerned Parent August 08, 2013 at 07:30 AM
Everyone Remember that you can write in someone! I will be writing in a candidate myself.
Luther's Fan August 08, 2013 at 08:01 AM
Luther's Fan "becki kain August 07, 2013 at 08:05 PM and use your own name if you're going to attack me, not some "handle"." Who is attacking anybody here; isn't this just a forum for opinions and ideas. I welcome them all. Pools, parks, good schools... are what make a city great. These have always been paid for by our taxes. Money needs to be properly allocated and spent. Citizens shouldn't have to pay usage fees for a city's assets. And citizens do pay a fee for the pool, it's called a tag; and the prices rise every year while the 'number of' and 'open' hours of pools decrease.
becki kain August 08, 2013 at 10:12 AM
and the hours for the inside pool are non-existent, in the summer, even though i pay for a membership. how fair is that?


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