POLL: Are Red Light Runners a Problem in Dearborn?

The Southeast Michigan Council of Governments this month announced the communities with the highest numbers of red-light-running crashes–and Dearborn's on the list.

Do people driving through Dearborn have a problem with red lights?

Statistics released this month by the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments suggest they might: Dearborn ranked fifth in a list of Southeast Michigan communities with the most red-light running crashes based on a three-year average.

On average from 2009-2011, 114 drivers in Dearborn were involved in crashes that included someone running a red light. Red-light-running crashes accounted for nearly 4 percent of all accidents during that same time period.

Dearborn ranked below Detroit, Sterling Heights, Warren and Livonia on that list.

Statistics were released as part of National Stop on Red Week, held Aug. 5-11–a partnership between SEMCOG and the Federal Highway Administration.

In a larger scope, SEMCOG announced that 3,505 crashes that occurred at signalized intersections in 2011 involved running a red light. Seven of those crashes were fatal. While these figures represent a decrease over 2010, SEMCOG says "they are still too high."

"We're all in a hurry these days and especially distracted with cell phones and text messages, construction and congestion," SEMCOG Executive Director Paul Tait said in a statement. "This is an urgent reminder: When you’re driving, focus on the road and please remember to stop when the light is red. Even when the light is green for you, make sure that the vehicle with the red light has actually stopped before proceeding through the intersection."

Do you think running red lights is a problem in Dearborn?

Tammi Ruselowski August 13, 2012 at 02:49 PM
Running red lights is a SERIOUS issue. I was hit several years ago by a young woman who was talking on her cell phone and ran the red light on Michigan Avenue and Howard. I see people several times a week running the red light at Outer Driver and Monroe. Not quite sure of the solution...increase patrols at intersections with high incidences??
dearborn resident 2 August 13, 2012 at 03:56 PM
Just an FYI...turning on a NO Turn On Red is a fine of $125 and 2 points on your license.
POWDERBURNER August 13, 2012 at 06:34 PM
This city is crazy with poorly timed red lights and an over abundance of stop signs. Couple that with a segment of the population that requires an accomplice with them to pass their drivers license test (yes, I see it all the time), and you have a recipe for disaster. As for myself, I continue to resist the federali's intrusion into my truck and do not wear a seat belt. THAT IS MY CHOICE, NOT THEIRS. And as long as gas hovers around $4 / gal., because of our idiots in government, I have and will continue to run every red light and stop sign that costs me money, rather than sit there idling while there isn't a car in sight. Obamas regime is leading to the downfall of society as we know it, and, other than investing in lead, that's my contribution.
Lee Jacobsen August 13, 2012 at 07:08 PM
Powder...no seatbelt! Perhaps that may become a law, after all, helmets are no longer required. Is it smart? Does not matter, it is your choice, and the freedom of choice includes a penalty clause of fines....$65 for now. Hypocritical ? Yes, as antique car owners don't need seatbelts, so your best option? Get a 50s pickup truck and avoid the fines , all legally!! Also , I would like to see the catastrophic insurance fee applied to drivers, not cars, and save us all a few bucks. We can all drive just one vehicle at a time, right? Better yet, with 2 billion in the fund, let's cancel the fee and let the fund deplete for awhile since times are tight.
Chris Clough August 30, 2012 at 12:16 PM
For those of us who work in Detroit everyday and are familiar with the neighborhoods, I can't stand people who practice this behavior of rolling stop signs. The worst problem is in mid town after games which is really the last place its needed. Stop making it more dangerous for everyone else by making up your own traffic laws. If you're too afraid to drive in Detroit then don't come.


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