Police Report 25 Crimes in Dearborn This Week

CrimeMapping.com shows where crimes occur in the city.

Photo: Crimemapping.com
Photo: Crimemapping.com
Dearborn Police reported 25 crimes in the city between Dec. 7-13, according to information published on crimemapping.com

The list of crimes included:
  • Robberies (3)
  • Vehicle Thefts (6)
  • Thefts/Larcenies (9)
  • Burglaries/Home Invasions (7)
View the interactive map at crimemapping.com for specific information on where each of these crimes occurred. For more detailed reports on recent crimes, read the police reports on Dearborn Patch.

CrimeMapping.com is operated by a third party and its data does not necessarily reflect every police report made in the city.
Poor Choices December 16, 2013 at 07:56 AM
Well it official! The new name of our once fair city is: Detroiborn....
Rose December 16, 2013 at 12:35 PM
You can add another one - my husband's truck was stolen today in West Dearborn at Garrison and Haigh.
Lee Jacobsen December 17, 2013 at 02:00 AM
Rose, West Dearborn has practically no crime. No doubt due to the fact that we have little worth stealing like in East Dearborn.
Rose December 17, 2013 at 09:35 AM
Lee, I hope you are being facetious. Just look at crimemapping.com. West Dearborn doesn't have a lot of major crime, but there are definitely quite a few instances of petty crimes and break-ins, in addition to stolen vehicles. Regardless of how much crime there is or isn't, comparatively, when it happens to you, its enough. We will never see the truck again, as I am sure it has already been chopped up for parts. My husband is now out a work truck, as well as equipment and tools in it, for a small business he owns, and won't hear from the insurance company until it has been missing for 30 days. We have to get the locks on our house changed. Just a slight inconvenience, and we are thankful that no one was hurt.
Lee Jacobsen December 18, 2013 at 01:18 AM
Rose, I was being facetious of course. Crime happens everywhere except at the North Pole, wait! is that the Grinch? My garage was broken into twice in the last few years, the first time by smart crooks who told the neighbors that I was moving some stuff out of the garage, and they were the moving crew. Not true of course. The second time was about this time of year, the crooks were dumber than rocks, as they left a trail of my tools and footprints in the snow to the garage on the next street that they were 'residing' as part of a home improvement crew. They were caught and arrested, and I got some tools back. This is all petty stuff compared to the crimes at my Detroit warehouse while I was out of town. Let's just say that a large dump truck makes quite a hole in the side of a building, and the Detroit police, despite being called, never showed until two days later. 1 truck, 1 car stolen , 11 antique cars heavily damaged, the building stripped of all metal. A mess. I have been in your shoes. Check with Craig's list, ebay etc. I found my Ford 350 truck advertised, went over with a friend, and a spare set of keys, and 'stole' it back on a test drive. Notified the police, and they caught the rest, all juvees, all released to their parents. Justice? Hardly! Regarding the insurance company, be persistent, they will deny your claim but that is part of the process, ultimately, from denial to finish, I ended up paid off in full, around 100 grand. There is a positive way to look at it, they stole a lot of surplus junk, emptied the building, and the insurance paid for the surplus, plus putting better utilities back in. Some would say this is one method of redistributing the wealth....sorry folks, let me distribute any wealth my way, not Robin Hood's way. The negative side was that Detroit said that my warehouse was now 'fixed up' and worth 3 times the value of the hulks around it, and tripled my property taxes. Time to sell. $1 a sq ft and it can be yours......


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