Ferndale Man Suffers Concussion, Broken Jaw in Suspected ‘Knockout Game’

Ferndale police are investigating the assault of Edward Ewing, who was walking home when he was “sucker punched” by two assailants.

Edward Ewing was assaulted as he walked along Woodward Avenue on Sunday in what police think was the “knockout game.” (Photo: YouCaring.com)
Edward Ewing was assaulted as he walked along Woodward Avenue on Sunday in what police think was the “knockout game.” (Photo: YouCaring.com)

Sunday night, Edward Ewing was walking home when he was approached by two men who punched him and fled the scene.

“I was just going home; next thing I know, I am sucker punched,” Ewing told WXYZ, Channel 7.

Ferndale Police Department Det. Brendan Moore said authorities think Ewing was assaulted by people who were playing the so-called “knockout game,” which has been making headlines around the country. The purpose of the game is to knock a stranger out with a single punch.

Nationally authorities are scratching their heads over whether the “knockout game” is a real issue or an urban myth surrounding random assaults that have always occurred, The New York Times reported last fall. They said they need more solid crime statistics before putting our general warnings to the public to take precautions.

In Ferndale, Ewing’s partner, Jeff Perdue, witnessed the attack. He said Ewing, who suffered a concussion and a broken jaw, could have been killed. But the suspects treated it as a joke.

“As soon as they did it they were laughing back to the car,” Perdue told WXYZ.

Both assailants were described as young, black males, and one of them was wearing a blue shirt. They jumped into a silver or gold car and fled the scene.

Ewing has some words for his attackers:

“My whole life is upside down,” he told WXYZ. “I can’t work. I’m uninsured. I’m in the hospital since Sunday, just so you can get a thrill from punching somebody in the face?”

An online fund has been created to help Ewing pay hospital expenses. By Friday afternoon, $2,500 had been raised.
Mr. Michael June 21, 2014 at 11:43 AM
Good thing those mother******s weren't seen doing this by me or my people. Their no account parents would be identifying their stupid little life less bodies in the morgue. Better think twice about who you hit because I hit back with tiny, fast moving pieces of lead. That's right, I'm saying if you pulled that sh*t on me it would be the very LAST thing you ever did. Both of you.
Mr. Michael June 21, 2014 at 11:45 AM
..and get well soon Eddie.
Lauren Spinosi June 23, 2014 at 06:39 PM
I'm with Mr Michael on this.. I'd do the same thing and think nothing of it.


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