Demonstrators Claim Assault Went Unpunished at Dearborn's Arab International Festival

Video released this week by the Bible Believers shows several members of the group being hit with various items, and some claim arrests should have been made.

A video from Dearborn's Arab International Festival is making the rounds online this week, and some are saying it's a clear sign that assault took place and went unpunished by Wayne County officers.

Originally posted to YouTube by a group known as Itching Ears Ministry, the video shows raw footage taken at the festival during a protest by the Bible Believers. In the video, numerous attendees at the festival are shown shouting obscenities and throwing various items at the protesters–including water bottles, Frisbees, eggs and even milk crates.

Members of the group are heard mentioning being hit by several of the items. One man even says he was hit in the head by a "piece of concrete."

The Wayne County Sheriff's Department, which oversaw security at the festival, did issue tickets to one adult and six youth for disturbing the peace on the first day of the festival while the protest was occurring.

But according to the department, no arrests were made.

"While two individuals were going to be charged with assault and battery on Friday, we could not locate the potential complainants so those cases were then classified as disturbing the peace," the department said in a statement. "No injuries were reported nor were there requests for medical assistance during the incident in question."

An additional, unrelated citation for disturbing the peace was issued on Sunday.

"The rest of the weekend was peaceful," the department said.

Still, some supporters of the Bible Believers said that police did not adequately protect the protesters.

A number of anti-Islam blogs have reposted the video and called for a lawsuit against the city of Dearborn and Wayne County.

"The bottom line is Mr. Ruben Israel and his friends were viciously attacked by an angry mob and the (Wayne County Sheriff's Department) watched it happen," wrote Alan Kornman on the site The United West.

The Wayne County Sheriff's Department saw it differently, placing blame on the protesters for inciting the altercation.

"While Sheriff Napoleon respects everyone’s right to freedom of speech, it’s unfortunate that some have chosen to exploit and taint what was to be a peaceful, community event," the department said.

The Bible Believers that if police did not protect them adequately at the festival, they would file a lawsuit. However, no such suit has been filed.

The department said it will investigate the incident further to "identify individuals seen on camera hurling items."

But "with no complaints filed alleging illegal activities, the effort to prosecute alleged offenders on the YouTube video will be difficult."

David Dean December 19, 2012 at 01:58 AM
Their 1st Amendment and 14th Amendment rights were violated.
David Dean December 19, 2012 at 02:04 AM
Wrong response Haji. Let us define freedom of speech. I have a right to "offend you" and you do not have a right to be offended. What about the fellow that was arrested for flying a Jewish flag on his truck. That is going to cost you. If I had the time I would put a Jewish flag on my car and drive around the high school.. Easy way to make money. I am not Jewish, but I wear a Star of David.
Crucian Gringa March 17, 2013 at 10:56 AM
Like what? standing in a corner silently, not even talking, is against the Bible??? Saying Jesus is Lord on a T-shirt (not even voice speech) is against the Bible? Umm, ok dude - but if that is your understanding of the Bible (not to mention US Constitution,based on the Bible) then...1) you are choosing Hell imho, and 2) you do not have the right to live in the USA. In order to live here, one must both understand AND abide by our constitution (not Bible). You are saying both incorrect and vile things against The Bible, and Constitution Ah well, such is the nature of Freewill.
Crucian Gringa March 17, 2013 at 11:28 AM
So you are going to burn the entire CONSITUTION, because bad people might follow it too...WOW!!!Slippery Slope. Then I guess you must be for the way Southern redneck cops put dogs on Civil Rights Protesters back in the day. I guess you were FOR that. Yea, sure, peaceful protesters like Martin Luther King,just get blown away by water hoses and dogs? I mean maybe they HATED TOO, maybe they hated the Southern white people that they were Marching in front of...I would. But they were peaceful and within their rights (thought it "antagonized" the Southern Locals, like in Dearborn). Shame on you.
Crucian Gringa March 17, 2013 at 11:34 AM
You have to be actually specific...insult is fairly easy- but to what degree? If I say that when I lived in Egypt it was cramped and crowded and loud, will Egyptians be insulted? But what the heck is 'hate" speech. I HATE orange (I mean really). I HATE people who are stupid. I HATE people who do not understand what the constitution is...oh, wow, how much time do you have? But please let me know what I am allowed to hate, and what I am not (please don't say orange...) Thanks.


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