Dearborn Police Warn Against 'Gypsy Scam Artists'

Con artists fool unsuspecting homeowners through confidence games, home improvement scams and door-to-door solicitations, police say.

The Dearborn Police Department warned residents against "gypsy scam artists" in a community message issued Thursday morning. 

“Gypsy scam artists” are criminals who con unsuspecting homeowners through confidence games, home improvement scams and door-to-door solicitations, the warning said. They usually target senior citizens who live alone and their activities sometimes involve home invasions, it added.

The scams are difficult to prevent because they’re often carried out by well-organized criminals who move between numerous towns and operate under various aliases, according to Dearborn police. 

A typical gypsy scam begins with a few subjects knocking on a homeowner’s door and distracting him or her by faking an illness or posing as a utility worker, according to police. After the homeowner is distracted by the subjects, accomplices will quickly and quietly enter the home to steal valuables or cash. The gypsy hustlers usually leave few traces of their dirty work.

Residents should not let visitors enter the house until they provide suitable identification, the community message said. Homeowners should also check companies’ reputations online and request written estimates for repair work.

Dearborn residents who think they’ve fallen victim to gypsy scam artists should call Dearborn Police at 313-943-2240.

Gypsy July 01, 2011 at 09:48 PM
Not many Gypsies are like that... So quit with the stereotypes!
laplateau July 07, 2011 at 06:28 PM
I do beileve that it is true that MOST Gypsies are not scam artists....BUT, there are MANY that are! In the spring of each year Gypies come north and congregate and their main purpose is to make money stealing from people in one form or another. The police department knows this and are only attempting to warns people about their activities. I have spoken to police offciers who have first hand knowledge of this. gypsies are arrested, but they carry NO identification. They are jailed for teh odffense, and once bond if announced, someone comes to post it and they are free never to return for trial. It's a fact...SOME Gypises are scam artists. Let's get away from the over sensitivity of talking about the facts..if Gypsies commit these acts, then we shouldn't allow an overwhelming sense of political correctness to prevent us from telling the truth! Now, that being said, there are also gangs of Irish people that do the same thing. I have reportded them in the past. And, there have been 20/20 televised reoports of their activities. If it's a fact, then tell it without the fear of someone accusing us of racism or some anti-ethnic bias!
Person October 20, 2011 at 09:11 PM
What about the white people that are serial killers ans rapist and the white men that up a front that they are spiritual in the church and molest the children,or the man boy lover . If you take money out of it whats more important right now someones life or child or money you guys are such hypocrites
Mike miller December 17, 2012 at 04:36 AM
You allways talk about gypsy bad but we don't go to school and kill twenty children you white people do that thank god we don't think like that anyways all gypsy are not the same you got bad and you got good ones but I pray for those family's that lost ther childer because of that white man evil Pearson I hope he goes to hell
marooned in Dbn December 17, 2012 at 11:15 AM
can we leave "white" ppl alone please.


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