Dearborn Police, Schools Join Message Against Sale of K2

In a letter sent June 5, Police Chief Ronald Haddad calls on businesses to stop selling the synthetic drug immidiately.

The and Dearborn Public Schools are the latest to join the movement to keep the synthetic drug known as K2 or Spice out of Dearborn.

Dearborn Police Chief Ronald Haddad sent a letter to Dearborn businesses on Tuesday informing them of the dangers of the drug, as well as asking them to immediately remove K2 and any related products from their shelves.

Additionally, Haddad said in the letter that he supports emergency state legislation that will outlaw the products, and is asking the City of Dearborn to look into changing applicable city ordinances to reflect the same.

Though K2 is illegal in the state of Michigan, producers of the product have been able to dodge the law by altering the chemical makeup of the drug.

Dearborn Public Schools consequently released a statement pledging their full support of the police department’s efforts.

“Removing these dangerous products from store shelves is an important undertaking, as well as making sure that our entire community is aware of the dangers of these synthetic drugs,” Supt. Brian Whiston said in a statement. “We applaud the efforts of Chief Haddad, his staff, and the City of Dearborn for taking a pro-active stand in combating this dangerous product.”

Discussion on and messages against Spice have heated up within the past few months in Michigan, following allegations that Tucker Cipriano and Mitchell Young, who were arrested for the April 16 murder of Cipriano’s father, were on the drug.

Just this month, both BP and .

A bill has been put forward in the state Senate would prohibit the sale of “synthetic cannabinoids,” and

A boycott of all BP gas stations was , who began a local charge against Spice and K2 being sold in the city after .

Chief Haddad is requesting residents to report any business still selling the products to the Dearborn Police Department by calling 313-943-3012.

Here’s the full text of Chief Haddad’s letter to business owners:

Dear Dearborn Business Owner:

Recently, we have witnessed several tragic events involving the violent and self-destructive reaction to drug overdoses linked to over the counter sales of synthetic products such as K2, Spice, Hayze, Black Magic and bath salts. These dangerous and often times life threatening synthetic chemical products are being marketed to the youth in our community under the misrepresentation of “herbal incense – not intended for human consumption”.

In addition to violent criminal behavior; heart attacks, strokes and mental unrest have been attributed to the smoking or ingesting of these synthetic products. Similarly, some merchants sell products like Chore Boy, rolling paper, glass tubes, pipes, and loose blunts knowing that these items are routinely used for the purpose of ingesting illicit drugs in this community.

Please know that the Dearborn Police Department is committed to public safety and enhancing the quality of life for all. Accordingly, as Chief, I am supporting emergency state legislation that will outlaw these harmful and often deadly products that pose a critical threat to the well being of America’s youth. Furthermore, I am asking Dearborn area business partners to voluntarily remove these dangerous products from store shelves immediately.

In closing, I am consulting with our legal department in an effort to review applicable ordinance revisions or amendments and I will request support from our Dearborn civic, community and business associations in regards to this important matter.

Working together for a Clean and Safe Dearborn for our future…Our young people.

Ronald Haddad
Chief of Police
“One Team – One Mission” 


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