Strings of Heart- MUSIC

Met my favorite Alto Saxophone player in the hall way of Salina School. Sam is an seven-grader at Salina. The school for some time had been without music and a band. Last year program came for a brief two seasons. An autumn concert, followed by a spring concert- both of which I attended- were special. Then the program was cut again. I told Sam I was sorry about the loss, to which he answered that music was coming back to Salina next year. Sam also mentioned that he now has his own Alto Sax. Watching Sam perform was a joy. And the strings of the developing orchestra had a heart felt resonance. Our children need music and art  for a complete development. P3
Lee Jacobsen December 10, 2013 at 07:46 PM
Joe, you see a need. Funds for the Saline band. Time for you to promote a tax credit in your local Saline business community for those businesses that contribute money to a band fund. Both sides benefit, businesses with tax credits and the band with band instruments. Of course, someone will have to talk to the govt folk regarding the tax credit aspect, but since the govt is our friend, should be no problem for you.....


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