The ingredient that perpetuates "HATE' is  a matter of how poorly a person views and regards themselves.  Professional counseling in building self-esteem is the key to self respect and self- love and the ability to project a positive view of others.   P3
Lee Jacobsen June 06, 2014 at 12:24 AM
Why is professional counseling the key? Common sense would be a much less costly key for most of us. Most folk think they are the best thing since sliced bread. That is known as positive self-esteem. When some folk share that self-esteem on views to others, and they agree, all is good. It is when other folk have different views that issues arise. Some folk love the Israelis and all they stand for. Others have a difference of opinion. So what kind of professional counseling is needed to build self esteem , self respect , self love, to convert those 'others' to a positive view towards those who have a difference of views, the 'those' being Israelis ? Can we end the hate between Palestinians and Israelis? If a person hates, and hate can be indicated by numerous negative comments towards a group, according to your definition, that person must regard and view themselves very poorly. Terry Jones has an issue with Muslims. He also has a lot of positive self esteem, for his views. For those with different views, it is defined as hate. End result? Hate on both sides, depending on your view of the issues....That is why we have wars, usually religious wars to eliminate the 'heathens' and 'vermin' etc. Folks get too serious about such stuff.....


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