Real Responsibility

The peculiar story for all the members of Congress who called for the VA director to be fired- It is Congress who makes legislation for the VA, including its structure. It is Congress that provides the funding for the VA. It is Congress that is responsible for the oversight of the VA. Systemic issues are at the core of what is wrong with the VA, not one man.   P3 
Lee Jacobsen June 02, 2014 at 05:28 PM
Joe, when you are Obama, and campaign using the problems of the VA, win, and then appoint a Vet to clean up the messes, after 4 years, one would expect a better response from the guy put in charge , by Obama mind you, than " No one would tell me that things needed fixing". That is not Congress's fault, that is Obama's fault for putting a moron in charge instead of someone who knows how to fix problems, such as Snyder did with the messes left by Granholm in Michigan.


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