Real People

Special thanks to Mayor O'Rielly and all responsible for the wonderful Annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony and Sing-Aong. Particularly the choir presentation by the children. Beautiful faces and voices that come from the pleasant world of openness and honesty. A welcome respite from our greed driven materialism, the predator practices of banks and businesses, and the devious manipulation of fact and reality by people who falsely attempt to project an image of reason and common sense.   P3 
Lee Jacobsen December 10, 2013 at 07:30 PM
Joe, are you implying that Santa's workshop is a captialistic enterprise fueled by greed to manufacture and give every girl and boy the present of their choice on Christmas Eve? Who would possibly be devious enough to manipulate fact and reality that way? Not you Joe! Surely not anyone with reason and common sense .


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