ProtectCELL Develops Cell Phone Charger Donation Program

Just about everyone today utilizes high-tech to stay in touch with family, friends, and work. Now, one high-tech company is working to keep family and friends in touch with each other when emergencies strike.

ProtectCELL recently announced a cell phone charger donation program to keep families connected when they find themselves in a hospital waiting room. Working with Detroit-area hospitals, ProtectCELL has developed a program so individuals in waiting rooms can have access to cell phone chargers, allowing them to keep family and friends updated on the latest news about their loved one.

Oftentimes when an emergency strikes, a cell phone charger is not nearby. As a result, family members will watch the battery bars on their cell phones decrease with a sense of panic, worried they will be unable to keep connected. ProtectCELL is working to reduce that sense of worry by donating over 500 cell phone chargers, bundled in packs of five that can charge virtually every type of cell phone in use today. When this idea was brought forward internally, everyone agreed it made perfect sense for a company that works to keep people connected.

“When rushing to the hospital to be with a friend or family member, the amount of charge on your cell phone is certainly the last thing on your mind,” said Scott McLaren, Chief Marketing Officer for ProtectCELL. “We thought this would make it easy for hospital staff, eliminating the problem of locating the right charger to match the phone.”

The first hospital to take advantage of this program is Henry Ford Macomb. The chargers have been placed in the Urgent Care area, Surgery Waiting room, ICU, and the Med/Surg unit.

Other hospitals interested in becoming part of this program should contact Jennifer Roberts at 248-319-0450. To learn more about ProtectCELL and other ways they give back to their local communities, please visit protectcell.com.


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