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Congresswomen Diane Feinstein of California is the chair of the oversight committee for NSA- National Security Agency. Feinstein could not answer elementary questions about NSA's activities, and yet says that as a whistle blower Snowden should have approached her committee with his complaints. Feinstein's failure at oversight makes her and the committee she chairs part and parcel to the problem of NSA overstepping its bounds that threaten the rights of every America.  P3 
Lee Jacobsen December 07, 2013 at 01:36 PM
Joe, one of the problems regarding managing, is when to trust in your managing team, in other words, don't micro manage. In security there is a 'need to know', and if there is a possibility that a national secret could be compromised in 2 yrs (the length of a term in congress), if the congresswomen fails to gain re-election, is back out on the street with the rest of us, does it make sense to share that information? Don't think so........She is preserving our rights by not knowing the 'details'.......Regarding Snowden, every company has 'drones', that think their way is the only way, and forget the system. When they bypass managers, and try to go to the top with inane questions, they are not using the 'chain of command'. Snowden will be 'handled'. Nuff said......


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