Pay to play

With the final component of Kwame's criminal enterprise in place, Miller's sentencing, it is said that "Pay to Play" is at an end in Detroit. Greed is a never ending proposition in a society that worships the Golden Calf and is driven by materialism. Pay to play-kickbacks- is a game not exclusive to Detroit. The criminal enterprise is played throughout the suburban area. Fortunes are made by people in key positions to exploit the opportunity. Larger sums are made with the cooperation of seedy contractors that involve major municipal projects like a new jail or commercial development, including large parking structures. As usual, it is the taxpayer who ends up footing the bill. Hear, see and speak no evil offers the opportunity to exploit.  Who's your daddy?   P3 
Tom B June 02, 2014 at 12:26 PM
Bribery takes place in many forms and will undoubtedly continue in Detroit and every other community. City councils have lunches paid for; doctors are given lunches and free tickets to events by pharmaceutical companies; police eat free or reduced at restaurants. For what? Advantages in some way or form. The real problem is when large amounts of cash is used, as was the case in Detroit. Look at the police department in Romulus, where corruption in cash took over common sense. Someone was getting money and others new, who weren't. Eventually things come out and no matter how small the influences are, others know and will tell.
Lee Jacobsen June 02, 2014 at 05:23 PM
Dearborn released their 2015 budget ($340 million) the other day. No mention of costs for the new city hall, or the sale of the old city hall. When is the city going to be paid 1.62 million by Artspace? Is the Severstal deal still in play, $8 million plus?? Time for Dearborn residents to start asking some questions...


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