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The Benghazi question never asked- what in the hades is an ambassador doing in the torture setting of an interrogation room? What part of diplomacy and statesmanship typical associated/identified with an ambassador is missing here?  Up is down, White is black, wrong is right!!!   P3 
Lee Jacobsen June 01, 2014 at 12:19 AM
The question has been asked many times, why was our ambassador still in Bengazi, when most, if not all, other countries had withdrawn their ambassadors.? Why was our ambassador left unprotected, despite repeated pleas for increased security? The Dems mention that 60 folk died at embassies during Bush's tenure, however, the casualties were troops successfully defending our turf, no ambassadors were lost, while we all know what happened in Bengazi. We lost everything, building , ambassador, the works. Obama, during the attack, according to reports, had some cereal, watched TV, and went to bed, never assigning anyone else the authority to make decisions, a big no-no, leaders with experience always have a contingency plan, including decision making. Obama is finding out about more and more crisis situations, in the news media, rather from his own folk, which shows a lack of control, and leadership. Wrong is Obama....but who is right?


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