Five percent of the world's 2000 billionaires have made a commitment "To  Give". What is a tithe, and how does that compare to what those who give? What are your favorite charities? The political mantra of the right calls for societies social structures/activities to provide for the needy. The fact is that charity cannot sustain the broader needs of people, and that can only come from government programs that strike a balance  of representing and fulfilling the needs of all of its people.   P3
Lee Jacobsen December 15, 2013 at 06:22 PM
The fact is that the broader needs of the people need to be provided by those same people. Otherwise, they will become dependent upon the govt. Folks who help themselves, even with assistance, are learning skills to make them self sufficient. When people can't provide for themselves, then we need to ask why. Govt programs have a much higher overhead than charities, and would you , with your money, rather choose how to help the needy, or have the govt choose for you by raising your taxes?


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