Money bought governance

The company responsible for the chemical spill in the Elk River in West Virginia has been cited for a violation at another location. Fed regulators failed miserably  in enforcing compliance. West Virginia's state legislature is now taking up the task making a new state regulatory law that ensures the safety of it people. The Elk River empties into the Ohio River. Communities in Ohio and Kentucky are  now scrambling to ensure the safety of their communities. Wide-ranging implications. It's not all surprising that Fed regulators have failed in their responsibilities. Big Business has done an effective job in co-opting/leveraging the Federal regulatory system to their advantage. The fiasco in the Gulf by BP, Trans-Oceanic and Halliburton-the dick Cheney's company- could not have happened without regulators conveniently asleep at the wheel/ in bed with these companies.  P3

Lee Jacobsen January 17, 2014 at 02:52 AM
The Feds make the rules, and us private citizens, and companies , try to follow them. If the Feds failed in their responsibilities, sounds like a government issue, not a private sector issue. Do you need other examples of government 'issues'? Money has nothing to do with it, what? do you think the private sector is bribing govt officials to look the other way? Speculation on your part.


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