Media Obligation????

Mainstream media is criticized for its failure to question the run up to the Iraq War, and the unstable development/conditions that brought the financial collapse of 2008. Critics claim media is more interested in making the news instead of reporting it. Media is preoccupied with confrontation politics, with "sensationalism' and "celebrity" glorification. That's why I prefer alternatives to circus atmosphere of main-stream media and tune into BBC, CBC, PBS, NPR, Al Jazzera and non-mainstream investigative print media, to get a more accurate perspective of the world I live in; unfiltered by the power structure that prefers keeping the public in the dark. What's that about mushrooms?    P3 
Lee Jacobsen January 20, 2014 at 07:59 PM
Mushrooms? The food you are driven to if your sole sources of news include Sharpton, Jackson, and Al Jazzera.


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