In Gore Vidal's book "Lincoln" the author points a heavy script at Secretary of War Stanton as a conspirator against Lincoln.  A point not to be found in school history books. In General Phil Sheridan's personal memoirs- two volumes- the general who was George Custer's commanding officer, related in a passage that it was Secretary of War Stanton who recommended two southern spies who would act as double agents under Sheridan's command. The General never trusted the two men and sought to prove or disprove their trustworthiness. Sheridan gave the two confederate spies false information of his intended move against the forces he was facing, then waited patiently to see how the enemy responded. The confederate forces moved their units to counter what was in Sheridan's false plans, which confirmed for the general the duplicity of the men recommended by Stanton.  Sheridan then arrested the two and sent them back to Maryland under escort. The two spies escaped. General Sheridan then went on to say that one of the men bore a strong resemblance to John Wilkes Booth.  Won't find that in the history books either.    P3


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