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By age 23, 49 percent black men in the Us have been arrested. And by age 23, 44 percent Hispanic male and 38 percent white males have been arrested. America has the highest incarceration rate in the world. And that includes the governments of some of the worse tin-horn dictators in the world. Prisons for Profit is a  growth industry in America that slices and dices the concept of Justice to suit its bottom-line.    P3
Lee Jacobsen January 13, 2014 at 05:54 PM
It's a trite phrase but true, "If you do the crime, then you do the time". Our courts are so easy that it usually takes about ten crimes before anyone actually is sent to jail. Juvees never seem to go. Race has nothing to do with crime in the USA. Crime, and prision time, are choices that folk of all colors can make, or choose a different path. Crime is a result of environment which includes peer groups, education, inept parents or lack of parents, and wanting something for nothing. Blaming the system (the rich are a favorite target) rather than one's own stupidity is a common theme. It costs around $25-35,000 to incarcerate a prisoner for a year. 3 squares a day, TV, books to read, shelter, free dental and medical, perhaps for some folk that is the brightest decision they ever made, to do a crime and go to prison. Unfortunately, the victims are often forgotten, the rape, murder, theft, can never be compensated for. American prisons are too soft, they need to be less 'friendly' so criminals who have been 'rehabilitated' won't even think about robbing or doing bad again for fear of going back. Privatize the prisons, then the govt can collect taxes , and someone can make a profit off of the low lifes of society who made wrong choices, and now must suffer the consequences. Their victims didn't have a choice, did they?


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