JP Morgan fined for aiding and abetting Bernie Madoff- with a whole lot of illegal money- and his Ponzi scheme. Madoff goes to prison and JP Morgan is slapped on the wrist.  The real modifier of behavior is serious consequential actions like jail time. Put Banking CEOs in prison will bring a screeching halt to their crooked practices.   P3
Lee Jacobsen January 13, 2014 at 10:59 PM
The real modifier of behavior that is more helpful to victims is not jail time, but instead is found in the pocket book. JP Morgan and other sources where Madoff hid his money should be forced to reimburse Madoff's victims 100% for what they lost. A number of large financial institutions and hedge funds are trading in Madoff bankruptcy claims. The current going rate is around 77 cents on the dollar as more assets are located, which is more than most Detroit pensioners are likely to get from the Detroit bankruptcy settlements. "The Madoff claims are better than Greek bonds," Sheehan said.


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