Goose-Stepping Washington

The comparisons of Daniel Ellberg with Snowden doesn't fit. The America when Ellberg was a "whistle-blower" was much different than the America of today. Had Ellsberg taken the course of challenging the government lies in Vietnam in today's environment, with a government that has moved so far to the right, ala Patriot Act et. al,  Ellsberg would find himself in prison and the key thrown away.   P3 
Lee Jacobsen January 13, 2014 at 06:27 PM
Joe, our govt would not lie to us, only if it serves our best interests, or , the govt interests. (smile). Ellsberg was a genius compared to Snowden, mulitple degrees from Yale, Harvard, an officer at the Pentagon, etc, and Ellsberg actually wrote part of the Pentagon papers that he released to the press so the comparisons are not very close. Ellsberg had all charges dismissed due to the govt's illegal activities against him ,and I am sure Snowden will have his day in court as well. Ellsberg's cause, that the war in vietnam was wrong, and the Pentagon papers showed that fact to be true, probably had something to do with ending the war, and saving countless lives in the process. Will releasing information on the internet do the same, save lives , via Snowden?. Don't think so, but then I am not in a position to know either..... Spies , drones, etc. The first radio controlled drone that I built was in 1964, Kraft and orbit electronics, a massive camera in the nose. , ten foot wingspan and only 'in sight' control. My latest drone is a replica of a P-38 Lightning, with a camera in the nose, inspired by Glacier Girl, the plane pulled out of the ice in Greenland, and is now restored. I met the old dog sledder who rescued those 9 pilots in 1942, he had a breakfast shop in anchorage with one whole wall, nothing but P-38s and snow....


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