Economics 101

Every Head of household is a business person. Unlike the multi-nationals, household heads do not get rich tax breaks and welfare subsidies to the point of not paying a red cent in taxes. Unlike Washington, household heads  in debt cannot print new money. Oooh they can, but at a costly price. Effectively balancing a daily budget makes a household head a successful businessperson. It's called Economics 101.   P3
Lee Jacobsen December 14, 2013 at 01:24 PM
Regarding rich tax breaks, .....So are we to ignore Section 8 Housing subsidies, General disability, Bridge cards aka food stamps, Utility subsidies, Medicaid subsidies, and 50% not paying a red cent in Federal taxes? Agreed, balancing a daily household budget makes a household head a successful businessperson, and puts them way ahead of the current crop of elected Washington folk who cannot even propose an unbalanced federal budget that even one official can vote for, and this has gone on for 5 years! Where is this 'crossing the aisle' compromising that Obama spoke of???


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