Detroit's Bankruptcy Filing Gets the Go-Ahead

Now that a federal judge has ruled that Detroit is eligible for bankruptcy protection, do you worry about any ramifications it might have outside of the city of Detroit?

The judge also ruled that pensions of city workers can be cut. Do you know a Detroit pensioner who could be impacted by the decision?
Lee Jacobsen December 04, 2013 at 05:31 PM
Detroit owes 16 billion. Detroit takes in 1 billion a year. Detroit was spending close to 2 billion a year yet the lights don't work, folk had to donate medical vehicles, etc, obviously the money was being spent, but for what.? Detroit once had nearly 3 million folk, Now it is one fourth of that, 700,000, yet still supporting the same land area. It took much effort to force Detroit to save 6 million a year by letting the Parks Service run Belle Isle. The Detroit city council can't tie its own shoes. 46 unions, all demanding me, me, me..!!! Have not mentioned the wonderful new Detroit jail fiasco..... Bankcruptcy is Detroit's salvation. Outside ramifications? What will I see for the money voted to keep the DIA open, the money Dearborn is skimming off and not sending to the DIA when they collect our taxes? Can I withhold that amount of taxes and send it direct to the DIA? When and where do I sign up for the DIA art auction, estimated to net 1.8 billion in art?


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