Compare-  Benghazi, four American dead- Iraq, 5000 American dead. Benghazi, zero wounded- Iraq, tens of thousands Americans wounded. Benghazi cost, two million dollars- Iraq, Two Trillion dollars. Benghazi a cover up- Iraq a LIE. Benghazi, a Congressional Commission- Iraq, no investigation. Benghazi, a hill of beans- Iraq, Death Valley.  Oooooh the HYPOCRISY!!!!!!!!!!    P3
Lee Jacobsen June 04, 2014 at 09:25 PM
Apples and Oranges. One huge difference. With Iraq, we all went into the arena with our eyes open, Congress, the Senate, House of Reps etc and dealt with it in an open manner. Decisions were made by our govt , from both sides of the aisle, and acted upon with the information available at the time. With Bengazi, it was smoke and mirrors from the start , some dumb video as an excuse while others were watching in real time our embassy being destroyed, and our men killed, over a period of 7 hours, while the pres was having cereal, watching TV, doing some reading in bed, never assigning the reponsibility to anyone else to do anything, which is the basis of Hillary's famous outburst. and, even now, the survivors are sequestered and told to keep their mouths shut or else. With Iraq we knew we stepped in do-do, hence no need for an investigation, not so with Bengazi, that was politically connected all the way, just before the election, and Obama is going to pay big time for his part in the coverup....Nixon resigned over a lie about a minor break-in, no one got killed, with Bengazi, we lost an embassy and ambassador, something Bush never did, so I guess Obama can't blame Bush for it. Embassies get attacked, folk die defending them, but Obama went one step futher, he lost both the embassy, and the ambassador....a remarkably inept achievement.which he deserves admonishment and worse for doing. The guy is not a leader.....plain and simple.....


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